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I need to get a life :shock:


My wife has promised to repeat Janet’s feat from last year. The karaoke machine will make it that much better.

And who knows what we can do with the cheese grater :wink:


Three shall be the number of the counting and the number of the counting shall be three.


I think the ultimate superbowl kit should include a 50 inch plasma

but thats just me talkin…


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Woot! Ultimate Super Bowl Party Kit
Hey now, you’re an off-key imitation rock star
$49.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling

Karaoke’s fun, but you’ve never really experienced it until you’ve done it in your underpants. This adorable little iKTV unit lets you get your karaoke on in the privacy of your living room (or wherever), free of drink minimums and snickering strangers. It can play any karaoke disc (a.k.a. CD-G), and includes two discs of highly questionable, instantly dated song selections along with some Beatles and Elvis hits and a kids’ disc. This year, don’t just sit through that halftime show hoping for another wardrobe malfunction – plug this into your TV instead, pick up the interactive microphone, and sing, dammit, sing! Nothing but a good time, huh?

Then the awful reality sets in: your lunkhead brother-in-law bellowing his way through “All Star”…Grandma’s asthmatic excursions into involuntary scatting with “In The Ghetto”…the twin cousins’ insufferably saccharine duet assault on “The Mulberry Bush”…if you break this one out on Super Sunday, you better call in some serious backup.

That’s why this bundle wouldn’t be complete without a Sanyo hand blender and cheese grater. Their stainless steel blades will literally pulverize any ice cube or Camembert foolish enough to get in their way, and the blender’s one-handed operation means it even works for that guy who killed Richard Kimble’s wife. Discreetly whip up a pitcher of double margaritas, garnish with some festive cheese sprinkles, and your pre-teen nephew’s strangled rendition of “Who Let the Dogs Out?” will seem positively tolerable. Remember: the more you drink, the better they sound.

Karaoke features:
» One iKTV Karaoke Station
» Pitch control (for the music only – we can’t help you with your voice)
» Echo control
» NTSC/Pal output switchable
» Two interactive microphones with remote pause, play, next and previous controls
» Four microphone ports, in case Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young drop by
» Five karaoke CD-Gs (see track listings below)
» One AC/DC power adapter
» And yet, no AC/DC songs
» One set of RCA cables for output to TV, VCR, audio tape deck, etc.

Blender and cheese grater features:
¤ Sanyo cordless hand blender with dual stainless steel blades
¤ Safety lock mechanism
¤ Fits easily inside glove compartment or desk drawer, for emergency daiquiri deployment
¤ Shaft can be detached and immersed in water (ouch!)
¤ Mixing container with spout included
¤ One-handed operation leaves other hand free to answer phone, clean ears, or brandish revolver
¤ Sanyo cordless cheese grater
¤ Stainless steel rotary blade easy to remove and clean
¤ Both items use Sanyo interchangeable, rechargeable battery packs
Included Karaoke CD-G Track Listing: [/size:6c9f6439f6]
Beatles Favorites:
º Hey Jude
º And I Love Her
º Back in the USSR
º Get Back
º Come Together
º Revolution
º Nowhere Man
º Can’t Buy Me Love
º Help!
º You’re Going to Lose that Girl
º We Can Work it Out
º She Loves You
º Yellow Submarine
º Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
Elvis Favories:
º Return to Sender
º Jailhouse Rock
º Burning Love
º His Latest Flame
º Wooden Heart
º Don’t Be Cruel
º Hound Dog
º In the Ghetto
º Can’t Help Falling in Love
º Surrender
º Suspicious Minds
º The Wonderful of You
º Its Now or Never
Club Hits 1:
º Loaded
º Shape of My Heart
º Love Don’t Cost a Thing
º Smooth
º Come on Over
º Music
Club Hits 2:
º Who Let the Dogs Out
º As Long As You Love Me
º Independent Woman Part 1
º All Star
º Stronger
º Waiting for Tonight
Childrens Favorites:
º Mary Had a Little Lamb
º Old McDonald Had a Farm
º Erie Canal
º The Happy Wanderer
º Silent Night
º The Mulberry Bush
º Over in the Meadow
º Are You Sleeping
º Lazy Mary (Will you get up)
º The Gingerbread Man
º Michael, Row the Boat Ashore
º Red River Valley
º My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean
º In and Out the Dusky Blue Bells
º Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
º This Old Man
º Jack and Jill
º Ive Been Working on the Railroad
º My Old Kentucky Home

*Super, Bowl, Richard Kimble, AC/DC and Crosby Stills and Young used without permission (Nash gave us permission)


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woot 1st page


Where am I?


AWESOME - got mine - first page!!!




Marketing 101 part 2… (see Jan 25 page 15 for part 1)

Why yesterday’s item didn’t sell out???!!!

Simple if your target market (i.e. Wooters) don’t have jobs and therefore can stay up until 1:00 am EST. They can’t afford a $250 item. People recieveing government checks don’t have that kind of disposable income.

The ideal woot item would be something that is $19.95 or under and helps you
a) play video games
b) cook Ramen noodles
c) pass time while on the john!!!
Wooters = Eat , Excrete, and Xbox[/size:30f2b484d8][color=darkred:30f2b484d8][/color]


wooty mantra


wow this could have some potential!

free electronics and much more… woot members, enjoy!

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[size=24:3ae6996617][color=orange:3ae6996617]holy crap check this out: http://nicetrybutitsstillspammoron.com/57b5t[/color][/size:3ae6996617]


Gosh… I don’t know… I sure like that stick blender… Hmmmm… $50 for a stick blender… Decisions, decisions… :?


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