Swash Advanced Bidet Toilet Seat-Elongated, White



bring on the “why are these in tool and garden” posts!
This is certainly the best woot, and probably the best purchase, I’ve ever made!
If you’re THINKING about buying one, buy one! There are three universal truths of Bidets

  1. People who have them NEVER want to be without them.
  2. People who don’t have them snicker.
  3. wiping is disgusting.

We are the most tech crazy country on the planet, yet 99% of homes still use 1860’s toilet technology.

I own both this brondell and a biobidet unit, I find the Brondell to be superior in function and fit.


Not very good for gargling…


depends which end you gargle with.


Yeeesh. It’s cheaper at Walmart.

$399 with Free Shipping


Is there anything you can add about Brondell vs. Biobidet? The Amazon reviews made me think the Biobidet 1000 was the best unit going.


I have a full featured biobidet. They have excellent customer service and an unparalleled warranty.
The Brondell is much quieter, not as “industrial” sounding in motor operation as the biobidet. The washing function on the brondell is better than the oscillating function on the biobidet…brondell is back and forth, brondell is on and off(these are settings on both, both operate as standard streams of water by default).
I don’t care for the beeping of the larger biobidet remote, which also doesn’t seem as effective as the brondell remote.
Drying on both is the same.
Both are excellent! I would give my brondell 4.5 stars and my biobidet 4. Both are toasty warm, both are easy to adjust and control.