Sylvania 2GB MP3 Player

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Sylvania 2GB MP3 Player
$9.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Sylvania SMPK2312-BLK 2GB USB MP3 Player w/LCD Display, Voice Recorder

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Anyone know about the voice recording quality on this?

Edit: Fizzurst! hah

How many songs fit on this thing?

I like the fact that the usb connector is integrated. No more turning the house upside down searching for the proper cables!

Sylvania gets some decent reviews online. None for this specific model that I found. But still, decent sentiments in general around the net for Sylvania mp3ers.

Its not a sansa. If it was a sansa I’d be all over this.

Hmm. What format does it record in? Any word on Mac compatibility? Hoping it’d simply mount as a removable volume and the .wav (or .mp3?) files could be simply dragged/copied off.

I have a USB port in my car. Anybody know if I can plug this in and play it through the car??


But…but, what will Sansa say if she finds out? Can’t do it woot, buying this would feel like cheating on my Sansa.

Lithium Rechargeable Battery = Good
2GB = meh

can you rockbox this

Ummm maybe I missed something… But it says there is 30 hours of ‘recording time’, but what about playback time for the MP3 part? Let’s go NightGhost – I’m too lazy to search for myself :slight_smile:

Woah, this the exact same player I can get as a free gift for working for the same damn retail job for five years! Now I can go ahead and order a rice cooker instead! This is a most joyous day.

SYLVANIA? Gee. I wonder if this will work as well as the camcorder.

If you are using 128kbps MP3s, 2GBs can hold about 500 songs. That’s assuming about 4 minute length songs.

in 4 3 thanks

According to Amazon:
* Sylvania SMPK2312 2 GB USB 2.0 MP3 Digital Music Player Voice Recorder General Features:
* Color: Black 2 GB flash memory USB 2.0 interface Direct USB plug and play
* 1.1-inch LCD display with 7-color backlight Support ID3 tag Built-in Microphone
* Voice recording format: WAV Supports MP3 (8 Kbps - 320 Kbps), WMA (5 Kbps - 384 Kbps) and WAV
* Long recording time up to 30 hours

Here’s the link, although I couldn’t find any information on how many songs it can hold:

I was gonna guess the same thing. Perfect capacity for gym use. Who actually listens to more than 500 songs at a time?

What happened to sellout.woot and deals.woot? Both are KO’d right now. Well for me anyways.