T-Shirt Thank You Bag in White, 900/Case

T-Shirt Thank You Bag in White, 900/Case

It would have been helpful if the dimensions given were of the bags, not the box the bags come in. As the depths & widths of the bags in use in stores around here vary by inches, and the quality (thickness) also has a wide range, simply telling us the size and weight of the carton is zero information…

The reviews kinda explain these bags…


Actually not. Bag lengths described at Inteplast site vary from 14 to 22 inches, and thickness from 7 to 27 microns. I fail to see how the satisfaction of users tells me anything other than those @ Amazon felt the bags served their purpose and they got a value equal to what they paid.
The bread store I shop at uses bags that look like these and are probably 17 or 21 micron as though they are nearly see-thru, they are quite strong, beyond what is needed for the baked goods sold there. In contrast, the beauty supply store next door uses what appears to be identical bags, but they must be much thinner as I frequently see them tearing if there are small boxed items packed in them - box corners apparently poke through quite easily.

Hi there. These are from Amazon overstock.

Here they are on Amazon. Unfortunately, there’s no info on the specs you request.


I thought this was a t-shirt with the image of a “Thank You Bag” printed on the front.


Wow! 900 pieces of ocean plastic for just under $10!! What an offer!!!


Although my feelings are unexpected, i agree. The plastic bag thing should HONESTLY be something we, as a society could & should give up. Senseless use and abuse of both resources and the environment. It’s a long a slow process, but only a matter of time before the majority of the world has come to their senses.

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“Here they are on Amazon. Unfortunately, there’s no info on the specs you request.

WOW - I went to that page and the “also viewed” / “related products” showed at least 6 other listings for “THANK YOU” T-Shirt bags, and wouldn’t you know ALL of those gave the bags specs as 11.5 x 6 x 21 @ 0.48 MIL

ONLY the ones sold by Amazon themselves simply say a box of 900.