Taramps Automotive Speaker Amplifier

Taramps Automotive Speaker Amplifier

I know car audio and never had heard of this company before. That doesn’t mean it isn’t a good or even decent brand. Yet, now pay attention this amplifier states 3k or 3,000 wats recommended. Although, no where in description does it mention the size of wire Guage allowed. Since, I am experienced with buying and installing known audio equipment in my personal vehicles. I always look for those specifics. Also, the item weights tells alot. I like Brutus D series amps and avoid Zeus at all cost. So far best bang for buck in my experience. Saying that the pictures shown for this specific amp look like 4 Guage is most acceptable. Not 0 or even 2 so this amp is in no way close to 3k recommended wattage. I would very much expect this amp to put between 500-750 per a channel . Total recommended 1000 or Max 1.5k. Don’t expect anything more from this unknown brand.

I think Taramps is a well known Brazilian amp manufacturer that powers a lot of those high wattage semi trucks full of speakers lol. There is a dyno video on YouTube where it performs way above its rated wattages


Big D Wiz is the real deal. As as the amps you gotta give it too them. These amps coming from Brazil are pretty interesting, you should check them out on their website. I’m outer here!


I’m sorry a amp with its own cooling fan instead of building high heat resistance resistors and such. Is just set for failure in my opinion. I remember the old original RF Punch amps you literally could boil an egg on would be pretty much indestructible. That said I’ve used other brands such as Audio Bahn and others which had cooling fans. They were good only for highs and mids. Not very good to run Subs.

I came here to look for this exact link. If it wasn’t here, I would’ve posted it myself!

Condition? New, open box, return, refurb, demo, monkey took for a test drive? Thanks

Is this the 1OHM model or 2OHM model?

Hi all. This is new. Most items on Clearance are from Amazon overstock and aged inventory so we don’t have a lot of information on them.

Here it is on Amazon:


Okay, I bought a similar amp actually same brand just more channels less watts though for a long awaited much needed door and tweeter power. I originally was going to buy a Alpine or such 100 or 200w power-pack. Yet after seeing all those international semis especially after the hats blowing off. Made my choice. Co-workers definitely this one guy I won’t name gives me so much grief about all my bass and no actual mid or tweeters. I have them its just my stock radio can’t put the power out to the upgraded equipment I installed years ago. Its actually at the right volume for me thats why I never changed it. I know louder 2ways/3ways and tweets will cause me to go deaf quicker the bass not so much. As said I’ve had previous loud music in general before and when I would get in to work I realized co workers would actually be yelling at me to speak. Since my ears adapted to louder noise.

Now, actually I did buy this item as well. Not stoked about it since outta the package only one speaker output. I automatically thought woot would sell a amp to power those subs that they sold recently. I figured why not buy this for them. Nope can’t run parallel so this 3k amp is yes very small compared to many other amps. Yes, it will catch fire easily so be careful and if trying to power more than one speaker you will only be able to using this in series. If you don’t have the knowledge or know how of knowing the difference between parallel and series. You best ask someone or watch some YouTube videos explaining the differences. Since, this amp can and will be a fire hazard if you don’t know what ohms and speaker options your attempting. I actually am contemplating a return on this actual amp due to the whole output connection issues I discovered after receiving it. Since, I was wanting to bridge this amp for the subs recently bought. Well, actually not me who ever bought it would likely want to bridge it. I personally have SA subs and also stupidly bought Evl since an Amazon question answer mentioned that they were louder than Sundown. Bull they are identical in every way. I already knew some of the original Sundown designers parted ways with Sundown making their own name for themselves obviously Scar. Had no idea they did a rebranding item. Once, again Amazons product weight differences let me down. I don’t know why I keep using those details as my decision maker. Nuff said…