Team Left Shark

Who writes the ad copy for these shirts?

I miss Matt.

Oh that was fast. But still entertaining ; )

Didn’t waste any time on this one.

Also works for shark week.

Right Shark was too drunk to get a team.

As of 10:10 PST, not a single shirt sold in Wa state. Only us natives can talk smack about Pete…[url=]

I’m glad he kept his career going, so many years after SNL…

Hilarious and FAST, just like sharks themselves!!!


Nice!! =D

Why no right shark love?

What is the chance team right shark is offered on Thursday? Do I pull the trigger because any dancing shark is awesome or hold out for team right shark? If I was a lefty this would be an insta-buy.

I love shirts that’ll be relevant for like a couple of weeks, it’s a good investment.

I love food and I love to poop.

I hope they make right shark tomorrow!


In for one for my kid.

I love the left shark. In for three. One for me, one for my niece (she’s a lefty!) and one of my nephew. They’re going to be so stoked. Figured it would make a cute Valentines gift for them.

Ordered this as soon as I saw it! Best shirt ever :smiley: