Teeter Hang Ups EP-970 Inversion Table

Teeter Hang Ups EP-970 Inversion Table
Price: $299.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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Teeter Hang Ups EP-970 Inversion Table
Price: $299.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
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Condition: New


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Let’s learn about the benefits of inversion and have questions? Check out this very helpful FAQ

Does anybody have any input on these? I’ve really been needing (and wanting) to pick one of these up.

Do they help? I know the upside down guy on TV seems to be a pretty big advocate, but ever since the day I was mugged in the Squirrel Cages I’ve had real issues trusting anyone beyond an 80 degree angle.

And is there anything that makes these higher-end ones more effective than a standard one?
This particular one is way out of my price range anyways, but I’d definitely like to hear feedback from anybody who uses one… I’m sure a $50 Craigslist special will still mostly work :slight_smile:

(Tried to find a review/video, but EP960 was as close as I could get - YouTube for now)

This works great for getting up close and personal while cleaning the grout between tiles.

Also, if your doctor tells you to keep your foot/feet elevated, this does the trick.

I gave my husband one for Christmas. He has a problem with a bulging disc and sciatic problems. He went to the chiropractor and acupuncturist with only minimal relief. His MD scheduled him for physical therapy. After 2 days of use he has found relief. He is going to physical therapy today but doesn’t think that he will need it now.

I purchased it at everyones favorite warehouse store for less than this model is selling for. I don’t know if there is any difference between this Teeter model and the one I purchased.

The Teeter is heavy but very sturdy and stable. It doesn’t feel at all like it will fall or tip during use. Plan on it taking up a bit of space and you need a clear area to use it.

It’s expensive but I think in this case that you get what you pay for.

the ones on amazon for 100 bucks have great reviews. this one is overpriced. having the lumbar thing is really annoying. get one on amazon for 100-120, read the reviews, and just get a basic model. all these inversion tables last forever basically as there are very few moving parts, and are all made well. i had a 100 buck one for over 15 years and nothing went wrong with it. i gave it to a friend

a craigslist 50 special is all you need. and those on cl will be put together as its kinda annoying to do that. gl

I have had a Teeter 950 for about a year…an older model similar to this one. I use it daily as a way to start stretching out to exercise. I normally work out in the evening and this helps me get going again…a lazy way to stretch.

I am 6’4" and I fit well. I found the EZ_Reach system great, especially if your back is a little sore. I used to get a lot of lower back spasms and since using an inversion table, they have been minimal. It is easy to use and pretty neat how it works.

The only downside for me is space as it does take up some room if left set-up.

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I have a Teeter and LOVE it. It makes a huge difference in my posture and reducing back pain. Very well made and sturdy. You can adjust it and limit the amount of rotation. Even a slight inversion is helpful. Its a bit strange when first getting started but “hang in there”, the results are worth it.

I bought a teeter about one year ago and I am extremely satisfied. I had lower back pain that wouldn’t go away even after months of physical therapy. There are mornings that the pain returns and after just minutes on the inversion table I am feeling better. Teeters are very stable and sturdy. I don’t know about cheaper versions you might find elsewhere but when I’m hanging upside down by my feet I like knowing the model I am in has such a good reputation.

This. I’ve also got a Teeter and it’s great. Very stable, you feel totally safe using it. I find it helps relax my back (slight scoliosis and associated muscle tension issues). It does take up a fair bit of room if you leave it setup. It does fold together but it’s a bit bulky, so if you use it regularly it’s probably better to just keep it set up.

For all the teeter users, how much time do you spend daily to see results?

If you don’t mind paying an extra $150 (for the name and advertising,like Dyson) go for it. It works just as well as most other inversion tables on Amazon.

I got a Teeter on Woot some time during the past year and I agree, it’s very sturdy and I feel secure on it. I purchased it in hopes that I could cut back on my chiro visits, which were costing me over $100 every month. I haven’t been back to the chiro since I’ve had it! I had problems in my neck and lower back. Whenever I feel like I need it, I hop on, and I’m good to go. At first I used it daily for just a few minutes. Now I use it once every week or two weeks. It has saved me money and the time of traveling/visiting the chiropractor, not to mention, I can use it whenever I want/need, no appointment necessary!

Bought one from Woot a while back without the nubs. Life changer. Have not gone to chiro guy since. Paid for itself.
Use it for a few minutes every few weeks.
Folds up and leans against a wall. Saves a lot of space.
Painful when get off the thing as have
serious disc problems, then 10 minutes later, feel like dancin’.
Way, way better than surgery.

Here are some details that the manufacturer shared with us when asked for some clarity on the differences between models.

The EP-960 vs EP-970. The EP-970 has the best and most easy to use (and expensive to make) ankle lock system. It’s taller (so you don’t have to lean over as far) and it’s sleeker.

Costco model EP-560+ vs. the EP-970. Costco sells the basic model without the Lumbar Bridge and Acupressure Nodes. It has smaller handles and doesn’t come with the EZ-Reach Ankle system.

The EP-970 that Woot is selling includes the EZ-Reach Ankle System ($99), Traction Handles ($39), Lumbar Bridge ($19), Acupressure Nodes ($19) and larger Stretch Max Handles ($59).