Terra Firma Roasters Whole Bean, 2 Pack

Terra Firma Roasters Whole Bean, 2 Pack

fair trade?

Does this ship directly from the roasters or does it go through Amazon/Woot first? That would affect the freshness by adding more time to delivery.

Looks like it comes from Wine Country Connect, LLC
Anything I have got from them takes forever… so it’s probably been then a while.

Terra Firma Roasters Whole Bean Coffee, 2 Pack

Sold by: Wine Country Connect, LLC

Thanks for pointing out the seller’s name.

Meh. If that’s the case, then I’ll just buy directly from the roastery and get a fresh batch. It’s only $4 more for the same deal and free shipping.

As far as I can tell everything on gourmet.woot shows as being “Sold by: Wine Country Connect, LLC” regardless of who actually ships it (example: Everyone’s favorite, Hunstpoint meats).

@coffeeguyinoakland do these ship direct from you or do they make a stop at Woot/Amazon?

farm direct


i ship it…via MN

i send it!

i send it frm MN!

its fresh!

direct from me…

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It says roasted to order in the description.

That is true! I am just getting to roastery today to start roasting for orders here and online!

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I noticed the one coffe says “must with Chemex” or something like that. Does this mean I must use a Chemex? Thanks

If the beans are single-origin, roasted to order and shipped to me by the roaster, all at $14/lb. before shipping/tax (YMMV), then that’s a good deal IMO. A decade in Seattle taught me that excellent single-origin coffee is worth the money if it’s roasted by someone who knows when to STOP roasting before attaining charcoal stage (hint: It’s why they call it “Charbucks”). I paid more than $20/lb. in the PacNW for truly great single-origin beans. If this coffee comes close, especially if they don’t roast it into carbonized nuggets, it’s a win.

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One of the bags mentions using a Chemex. I don’t have one (I use a French press). Is that a firm rule for this coffee? Guidance?

I made the same mistake in the original version of my reply. Roasted to order does not necessarily mean shipped direct. The vendor has confirmed direct shipping.

No, bit it’s really great in one!

I roast great coffee… honestly. Also, it’s fluid bed roasted…super smooth!