Terraillon Nature Wood Kitchen Scale



I tare you!!

I’ve been waiting all day for this!!!

Oh my, you’re kidding! I bought one of these for about $50 a few weeks ago! Where was this back then?!

edit: Not this brand or model, but a similar purpose item. /cry

People actually Tare their food?

I would be in for one if it was a grill as well…

I’ve already got wood! Where is the carp?

C’mon, don’t you watch Good Eats?

This is not good for cocaine. It is far too porous.

I mean that’s what someone told me.

I wonder how much it weighs. Do I have to buy two to scale them?

This thing looks great! I’m sure the food poisoning from the raw meat weighing on the wood might suck a little, though.

Can this thing tell us how long 'til the next brothel of cockatiels?

I’m tared!

Imean, everyone buy 3!!! QUICK!


Yeah, I always tare a plate before measuring anything. This thing is moving fast…

Small quantity… moving fast!


overstock has them for 33.71 I would buy one but do not need another.

Most digital kitchen scales weight up to eleven pounds or more, but you could buy three of these for what one of those usually costs, though.