TESSAN 15ft Power Strip (6 Outlets, 3 USB Ports)

TESSAN 15ft Power Strip (6 Outlets, 3 USB Ports)


Is this thing safety rated? UL? ETL? I’m guessing if it was it would be mentioned in the description.

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Just checcked the one I have and it says FCC part 15 compliant, but no ratings UL or otherwise.

The question has been posed before, and there is no UL certification. But I still keep a few of these around the house for relatively lightweight use. After having disassembled a few, and done some simple comparisons with a few name brands whose power strips look far less capable, I don’t mind using these for some a few things.

I tend to use APC, Tripp, or other reputable brands for the higher draw or more critical items (several of which are on a UPS anyway). But that’s just my IT background getting the better of me - And my wallet.

Hope that helps.

Not officially UL or ETL certified but do meet FCC SDoC- compliance.