TESSAN 5ft Power Strip (6 Outlets, 3 USB Ports)

TESSAN 5ft Power Strip (6 Outlets, 3 USB Ports)

does not say UL Listed anywhere…buyer beware.

I have just checked a few of the dozen or more TESSAN surge protectors and power strips in my house, and you are correct - I do not see any UL certification

However, as an independent reviewer (no affiliation to the company), I have been using several of their products for years now, and had almost nothing bad to say at all. I did have one odd issue with a malfunctioning circuit breaker on a surge protector, but their customer service responded very politely, and fixed it with a prompt replacement. Not just some fly-by-night operation, from what I’ve encountered. Granted, my experience may not match everyone’s… But I also don’t simply “trust” many power strips for my electronics, and typically favour CyberPower, APC, or others for the most expensive gear in my house. I wouldn’t hesitate to use this for common things.

With only a sample size of one TESSAN unit currently disassembled on my desk right now, it looks to be reasonably built, designed for acceptable receptacle retention, well assembled, and in line with what I would expect for an inexpensive piece of equipment, not dissimilar to ones I’ve seen from GE, APC, Anker, or whatever brands I have bothered to test in the past.

Just one person’s simple opinion - Hope it helps.

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