Teva Slimkosi - Men's or Women's

**Item: **Teva Slimkosi - Men’s or Women’s
Price: $27.99
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Condition: New

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Check out some additional info and a video over at

a couple of great reviews and a video over at


Decent review from Rei

Can this be used for wake skating?

NM, that’s what they are for

I’ve never considered buying something so size/fit variable/dependent from WOOT. If your educated size guess is wrong, is there any recourse?

Just a heads up but I have had pairs of teva shoes before and generally they run about a size small. Double check the reviews to see sizing for this shoe!

Hmmm… only the ugly arse bright light blue available in my size…already…again.

I have multiple pairs of Tevas in multiple forms, as do my children. They really are amazing shoes and boots and perform optimally. Spider rubber is AMAZING.

To me they run fairly true to size but a little on the small side, as mentioned above. I would order a half size up if you trend towards the large end of your size.

I have a pair of fuzions and they got completely foul smelling from being filthy and wet from a farm. I washed them in the sink with soap and water, dried them in front of a fan, and they came out perfect: Voila, fresh smelling without any special chemicals and care required!!

Tevas are worth the money.

I have a pair of wakeskate shoes from Reef that I have had for years. They are great if the beaches you frequent have weeds or rocks, which, in Utah, that’s the case.

I have only wakeskated with them a few times, because wakeskating is hard as hell. But I use them every time I go down to Lake Powell for hiking because I can jump in the water, and still hike without them weighing 5lbs each.

Mens black version in only ~$35 over at amazon with free shipping both ways.

officially, we only accept returns for items that arrived defective or broken.


if your shoe doesn’t fit, the best thing to do is to email and as you indicated, the way to ensure the shoe does fit is to make an educated choice based on measurements & reviews.

If you’re considering these, I recommend checking Amazon to see how much your size and preferred color is. Mine (7.5 women’s dark blue) is $35 with free shipping and free returns. To me hat extra couple of dollars is worth it for the peace of mind that I would get knowing that i can easily return them if the fit isn’t right.

is it defective if i order my size and it does not fit?

woot! has never even sold a shoe in my size.

Ummm, Amazon owns Woot. Why would returning be so difficult? Amazoot should be better!