The Artist

Yeah. And then they act like they didn’t do anything. Humph. Cats.

Awesome shirt. I’m kind of surprised no Jedi cats printed, but this shirt was definitely deserving.


Mrrrrrrrrrhhhh :confused:

I was hoping for at least one kitties shirt that was “awesome” and not “cutesy”… :frowning:

I appreciate the cat’s nonchalance as (s)he licks her/his paw. Well played.

Wish my cats were that talented. They prefer to “sculpt” the sofa.

I’m here to say “Oh poop” for quite another reason. I can’t believe I’m going to buy this, too, but here I go.

Agreed. I am incredibly disappointed that the lion shirt didn’t print over any of the 3 lame duck designs this weekend. Typical disappointing woot! voters. The cool unique shirts never seem to win.

Nooooo, kitty, don’t lick the paint!

With Mother’s Day around the corner…I think this this the perfect “mom shirt”.

In the category of “most likely to be printed” these Japanese Cherry tree shirts are beginning to give the cute turtle/penguin shirts a run for their money.

Kitty did a good job keeping herself clean.

I’m surprised at these early negative reactions. I thought this was one of the more artistic designs this derby (no pun intended). I like it.

If the Siamese cat is smart enough to paint a tree that is representative of a completely different culture (Japanese Cherry Blossoms) why would it be dumb enough to lick toxic paint?

I think it’s a lovely shirt!

This shirt is purrrrrrfect!

It’s the cat’s meow!

Get a stain on it, no-one will know, it’s got 9 lives!

I agree! I definitely would put this in the arty column, rather than the cutesy column. I was glad to see it today & congrats to the artist of The Artist.

I hope thats enviromentally friendly paint.

It’s easier to be a hater than be constructive or complimentary.

I like the use of pink in the design. I didn’t think that this particular design had much of a chance because of the color choice, but found it to be one of the more clever design entrys this time around.

(But I dearly with the rejected but very awesome “Copy Cat” by Walmazan was still in circulation because I think it would have printed)

I love it! I NEEDED it to wear to the Cherry Blossom Festival in DC. I tried to be 1st sucker…and I was. So I’m happy.