The Book Was Better

Goes without saying. Yea, reading!

Another truth illustrated by shirt. Film looks very unhappy with second place. It might also have heard about the switch to digital.

The book about this shirt is better than this shirt.

To combat this shirt, perhaps we should try to come up with the rare examples where the movie is better than the book? Or maybe the super, super rare example of where the video game was better than the book and movie?

I’ll start: Golden Eye for N64 was better than the movie.

True message, however I don’t like the fact that the shirt clearly points out what the shirt is about. Let people figure it out!

I love the shirt, but can’t stand the colors. Bleh.

I was going to buy this shirt, then I realized that I really liked the book better.

I’d totally beg to differ there…

Cute and clever way to illustrate the general book was better concept.

However I find it’s usually a case of comparing apples to oranges. I mean come on, there’s plenty that a book can do well that a movie can’t and vice versa. It’s a true rarity when both the book and movie (and I suppose it’s possible, the game too) manage to tell the story and truly shine in their respective medium. I really don’t want a movie to be an “exact” replica of it’s book. It’s better when they don’t compete at all and be their own thing. Case in point, Princess Bride. Fantastic book, the good part version anyways, the movie certainly isn’t the same thing as the book, but I can’t think of anything I would want changed in the movie. It achieved movie perfection just as well as the book achieved book perfection.

No it wasn’t, it was just more fun. The Story was better as a movie. :slight_smile:

How about… Final Fantasy… Better as a game than a movie.

Doom 2 (too)

I agree. I really like the idea and design but don’t care for the color combo. I wonder if they would reprint it in another shirt color?

I hear this comment almost every day in my library. Will definitely be buying this.

Reminds me of my favorite quote: “Never judge a book by it’s movie.”


The book was better at being a good book than the movie was at being a good movie.

Zoo of Death? Bald princess and her hats? Helen? Stew? Fezzik’s wrestling career? Westley’s early rejection of Buttercup?

The movie was good, but the book was better in ways that the movie could have captured but didn’t.

I applaud both. But I buy copies of the book to hand out to the uninitiated. Not so the film.

If the movie had tried to be everything the book was in every way, it would have been way too long or required being split up into a trilogy or something. I think it found a good balance to be exactly what a movie needed.

I remember an instance where the poster was better than the movie and the video game.

No movie in the history of the world is better than playing

oddjob on “complex” with proxy mines.

As for books

“A Clockwork Orange” & “fear and loathing in las Vegas” films were much better than their books

It’s really the case that the adaption is worse than the source. The book is normally first, but there are exceptions where the movie or video game or theme park ride or board game was first one.

So when the video game comes first, the movie is usually terrible. Super Mario Bros. The Movie? Gah. IS there a good movie based on a video game?

And Battleship the board game is way, way better than Battleship the Movie.

Almost anytime the book was adapted after the movie. See: Mona Lisa Smile. It’s one of the few books I just couldn’t finish because it was so bad. Movie to book adaptations just tend to be really poorly done.

Jurassic Park was a super dull book - action packed movie! Lord of the Rings also, except people are gonna hate on me. Seriously…hundreds of pages to talk about a long walk?