The Good, The Bag & The Crappy

Wasn’t even logged in, yet still somehow… by miracle of the woot gods… Got my Bag of poo!

Boc click on cart and it would do nothing!!! :rage::gun:

Good thing I had just refreshed my login and was able to score one! This is also my 100th Woot! purchase :slight_smile:

Finally!! I was there for all of the bags this Wootoff, but could not get the order through until this last one! This one is certainly a Bag and Crappy, we’ll see if its Good!

Thank you Woot Gods!

I don’t even care if it’s really a piece of poop; just excited I got it! Thank you woot!

I had 88%! Even got to “Place your order.” Server error bumped me out, though. Darn it!

Meh, Place Order -> server crash… Got it in the cart both times today and failed both times today. I don’t want anymore Wootopoly, I want a BoC!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Same thing happened to me. I was already signed in, added the BOC to my cart when there was 86 percent left and kept getting asked for my password every time.

Again I was ALREADY signed into my account.

Seriously WOOT, how could something like this happen?

Seriously. What the hell do I have to do to get one of these. Every damn time I get it in my cart with over 90% and every damn time you freeze when I click on proceed to checkout. I’m just as fast as everyone else, but your server sucks. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD FIX YOUR SERVER!!!

Couldn’t get through in time… hit the dreaded server error wall of “something went wrong”

Odd, kinda related since it slows down my checkout time, I’ve changed my default address and deleted my old addresses… but for some reason an old address keeps showing up as the default ship/bill address… It would be nice to get rid of it to speed up the checkout process and not accidentally ship something to wrong state.

Yay! I scored myself a bag.

Made sure I was logged in earlier just in the case of this… add to cart and suddenly bumped out, have to log in again delaying purchase. Then a server error upon place order.

I may be just a bit bitter…

There is definitely something different this time. Normally, I can proceed to checkout and at least get antechambered. But the last two days it just freezes when you try to proceed. Even when clicking at 98%…nothing. Just frozen.

Got one! Been a couple of years since my last! Woot!!

I guess that makes up for paying an extra $5 for a shirt because I bought it an hour early… :slight_smile:


Thank you, that is all.

Years, literally years since I scored. Please go back to the old days and sell more than 15 bhags. I’m done. After 131 purchases over the years I’m so sad.

wahoo!! 2nd BOC in 3 years, I’ll take it!

Page is still saying “processing” but I’ve gotten emails from Woot and Amazon confirming the order, so score!, I guess?

I have no idea how since I was lying down when the I heard the tracker signal a new item and didn’t have the tab on top so I could see what it was, and took a few seconds to think about whether it was worth it to get up and check. Must’ve been saved by having signed in recently. Woot!

I wouldn’t be so mad about missing one except I got boned by the login screen of slow death. Congrats to those with faster load times than I.

I had the bag in my cart, my laptop popped up with a ‘low on memory’ error, I somehow made it through to the ‘place your order’ button anyway, it sat there for a bit, then refreshed to the ‘place your order’ page again and it was sold out.

My computer made me have a sadz. :frowning: