The Hero of Our Age

Oh oh oh! Another addition to my Tesla connection. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the amazing design, DoOomcat. Tesla be mine!

AC another Tesla shirt. I better telephone my friends in DC that love him like a pigeon.

Seriously though, Thing 1 has a few Tesla shirts and is named after him, Nikoletta, and even has a brick in her name going to the preserved and rebuilt Wardenclyffe area. Kudos for a well done shirt to add to her collection.

If you want to check out more about the man that was Tesla you could always Google it, or just read what the Oatmeal wrote a few years ago, it’s much more entertaining.

Loved the Oatmeal write up, and really REALLY want that car :frowning:

Ohm man I’m so amped up for one of these so bad it hertz!

Oh come on, watt?! You find my puns re-volting?!

I like many of your shirt designs, but why, oh, why won’t you offer a better quality T-shirt (at a higher price) along with these paper thin things that aren’t worth buying? A Gilden ultra cotton, a Beefy-T or any 6 oz T-shirt would get me to buy more shirts. Think about it…

Wait… practically everything that we use today uses DC, from computers to lighting, to solar panels, to electric vehicles of a certain unnamed company…

If it wasn’t for Edison, our age wouldn’t exist, we would still be in the dark and typing on typewriters.

Yeah, AC is good an all, but the hero or our age? No so much… (grin)

Thicker shirts doesn’t equate to a better shirt. Part of that heavier weight is by leaving the impurities and short fibers that would otherwise be removed through combing. The thicker, coarser fibers also means woot can’t print as fine of detail versus on a lighter weight combed/ringspun cotton fabric with a tighter weave.

For a little more reading:

DC was incredibly expensive, not to mention dangerous. Tesla solved the problem of AC by inventing a cheap and efficient AC motor. He went on the design the whole AC distribution center. If Edison hadn’t been so greedy, he could have had the whole thing for a song. Instead we owe Westinghouse as the company that brought us cheap electrical power.

The Tesla cars use an AC induction motor.

Batteries are DC. No way around that part.

Tesla was an eccentric foreign idealist who couldn’t sell you candles in a blackout; Edison was an unscrupulous American pragmatist who would’ve sold you his own mother. Of course Edison won. Something something hero we need yadda yadda yadda deserve.

I’ve had several comments about this shirt - at least one person asks me about it every time I wear it! The guy at the grocery store wanted to know if DoOomcat was going to do an Einstein in the same style :slight_smile: