The In-Real-Life Derby: Blow Our Minds

Anything you say? :3 So many glorious ideas.

I’m moving to Seattle the week before. Guess I’ll see you guys there hah…

Fresh idea! I’m expecting to see some amazing art come out of this.

Whhhaaaat??! Can I come to the party? I’m visiting the west coast for the first time ever right now and I’m gonna be in Washington on the 1st! This is the coolest thing ever.

This may be a dumb question but- with unlimited colors and photos allowed and what-have-you, does that still mean we have to use half-toning or can we have infinite colors, gradients, etc and not worry about halftoning anything at all?

A party??? Can I be one of the cool kids and be invited?

That should be fine. We have a lot more flexibility doing it solely with digital.

Mwahaha… ahem.

Keep text? Change font of text? No text?

I vote keep the text. This is cool and beautiful at the same time!

Here’s what I’m messing with. Any thoughts to improve? :wink:


If our design(s) don’t win, will we still be able to rework them and submit them in future derbies, assuming that they don’t violate any derby rules?

It’s a beauty! I really like the lighting.

The World Turtle

also: are we submitting our hi-res print ready file for the derby? Instead of a mockup and what not? Or do you guys/gals still want both?

BWAHAHAHAHA! Woot waited until I moved to Seattle to have their party!

And I’m desperately fixing up my desktop so I can submit an idea I’ve been working on for a while!


Thanks! I did it with prismacolors and then scanned it in and played around with lighting/etc in photoshop. :)I figured if pics were allowed, pics of drawings were too! hehe

Wait, I’m confused…was the deadline increased for this derby?

Looks like it.

Yeah, for those of you who got your design in on time…you’re awesome. We still have time and wanted to make sure we have a nice assortment of designs so we extended the deadline a bit.

The important thing here is that I am awesome.

hugs Joel THANK YOU!!!