The Wine Diaper Three - Pack

The Wine Diaper Three - Pack
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Product: 3 Pink Wine Diapers

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“Disposable on wine breakage”

Wait, isn’t that what it’s supposed to be protecting against?

Spillage. Who wants wet underwear?

Sounds like a personal problem…

I wonder if these things would be good for snow globes…

Best w.w description ever.

Damnit Cesare beat me to the website link yet again, damn you Cesare :slight_smile:

I was looking for something like this because I needed to protect two bottles of wine on from Atlanta to DC. The people at Total Wine suggested a ziploc bag and wrapping it in clothes. I think this might be a little better :slight_smile: In for 2, maybe 3.

It says it’s good for a standard bottle (.75 liters) but I wonder how it would handle a magnum (1.5 liters). Does anyone know if they’re just being conservative or is .75 liters all it can really handle without a problem?

I have the Wine Mummy, which is similar (but more expensive than here) and it only holds the normal 750ml (or less) wine bottle.

A magnum is longer and wider than the bag can hold.

Seems like a good idea, but it’s kind of pricey…

Think a real diaper, and a zip lock bag would work just as well… And a lot less expensive.

Think newborn size would be about right…

I see an interesting talk with your cashier.

would this provide any insulation for a chilled bottle?

What? Has anybody actually ever had a bottle of wine break during transport?

If I’m flying, I just wrap in clothes and then surround with other soft stuff. If I’m driving, well, those recyclable packers work great.

I’ve done this for several bottles of wine, and literally cases of beer…no breaks or spills.

I appreciate the offer, but if you need it, I think you’re doing something wrong.

I regularly travel with wine and/or liquor in my checked baggage - often as many as 5-7 bottles in one soft-sided suitcase. My M.O. is to wrap each bottle in bubble wrap, and then wrap the resulting bubble-mass in a plastic bag - this has always worked for me so far, and costs next to nothing. (I always have bubble wrap left over from moving.)

Is the Wine Diaper superior to my low-tech solution in some way, or just more attractive and elegant? I guess the liner absorbs spilled wine, but a few paper towels around the bottle would do the same, unless the bottle broke completely - and it’s pretty tough to break a wine bottle.

Any thoughts would be welcome.

Will this diaper fit a “Magnum” baby bottle?

Well, it’s better than, “I need these wine boxes to put my babies in. They’re just so annoying and move around a lot. They should be contained once I duct tape them inside some heavy duty wine boxes, no?”


It is nearly time for some great outdoor summer concerts. A great way to transport Scotty Harvey juice for Dave Matthews Band and John Mayer concerts- ordering two of these tricky treats and off to Victorias Secret to order a 34DD to smuggle my good stuff into the concert in a discrete manner.

Down in San Diego last time I tried to bring some homemade chocolate chip cookies to a Jimmy Buffet concert at Coors Ampitheater (aka Cricket or whatever they are now), they confiscated my cookies. Mmmwahahaaaaaa - I now will have a new tool in my smuggling arsenol – Pertoots, a little Iron Horse for Elton John this summer.

In for three in case I break one…

: D

Hmmmm. Ziploc bag, bubble wrap, and a shamwow?

must be a yuppie thing… too good to use household extras to package wine.