TheraPearl Triple Combo

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TheraPearl Pack
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Learn all about Therapearl

Let’s learn all about the TheraPearl technology

I cannot tell you how much I love all of my TheraPearl products. I have most, including the ones offered today. They hold heat well and are very comfortable to wear. I purchased a combo set a few months ago here and will be giving it as a gift to a newly pregnant friend for Christmas.

Bought these a while back (different set) and love them. The do only stay cold for about 15 minutes but that’s all you should be icing for anyway.

Prices for individual items on Amazon:
Eye Mask: $8
Knee Wrap: $13
Contour Pack: $9
TOTAL: $30 (free ship w prime).
You’re saving $5.00 but getting slower shipping here w/ woot.

Here’s a better look at the Contour pack.

Respectfully I disagree. I like the strapability and tidyness of these but 15 min is no where near enough for ice therapy. For sports therapy, an injury needs to be iced for as long as you can stand the cold (without damaging the tissue) for the first 24 hours. After that ice and heat therapy should be administered with ice for 15-20 min alternating with heat therapy for 15-20 min.

Nothing beats an ice bag bought at the drug store which can be refilled with ice long after these lose their frozen temps

I bought these TheraPearl ice packs during one of the last offerings here at Woot. They usually last maybe through 1-2 uses max before they break open and you have blue pearls all over that you are scrambling to clean up (no matter how gentle you are with it) and then they end up in the trash. Plus now you are in more pain since you are rushing to clean up the pearl mess before your children or pets get their hands or paws on the pearls.

These are really more of a disposable product since you will need to throw it away after 1-2 uses. Woot did replace the original ones we bought that broke fast but the replacement ones broke fast, too. Save your money and skip this brand.

Bought previously offered eye and sports pack on Woot. Pearl started disintegrating in pack after several uses. Mine lasted a few more than 1-2 uses as ssand23 points out, however, the sport pack did break after a dozen uses. Definitely not a long term purchase.