Those TVs You Were Just Thinking About

Some of these Vizio tv’s around 45-55 inches look good. But why does woot not have as many 3d tv’s recently?


This 60" is $799 at Amazon and free shipping with my Amazon Prime.
You guys are offering a whopping 2% discount off Amazon’s price? Cmon, woot!, you can do better than that!

The Element and Hisense 40in are about the same price $199 with same specs. Which would you go with?

20 Reviews on Walmart 4 STARS

Hisense it is. Thanks!

And that one is New with the full 1 year warranty…

How bad would the 32inch TCL 720p TV look as a computer monitor?

I ordered the 50" vizio, it came in with 2 lines in the display, one thin and one thick about 1" wide…I responded to woot within hours of it being dropped off and haven’t heard a peep back from woot CS. that was 3 days ago and you guys claim 1-2 days. I left ample contact info and haven’t heard anything in any form of communication.

Sorry to hear that you haven’t heard back yet, that’s not very normal for a response time.

We also recommend that you check the spam folder of your email account and/or check any alternate email accounts possibly associated with your Woot one.

I’ll go ahead and forward on your post and information and help investigate.

Thanks for your continued patience during this matter. You should hopefully have a reply soon.