Tile Slim - Phone/Wallet/Laptop Finder (2 or 3 Pack)

Tile Slim - Phone/Wallet/Laptop Finder (2 or 3 Pack)

Could you use this on a dog-attached to a dogs collar (GPS tracker)?

It uses Bluetooth, so its range is very limited by how far away the tracker is from your phone. If it’s further than the outside range (I’m not sure what it is but probably around 100 meters) it can’t communicate with your phone.

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If it’s out of range, it relies on the community of other Tile owners to track its location. It’s not real-time obviously, but it works reasonably well if the tile is in a busy location.

You would need to stick it to the dog collar somehow. They do sell super sticky, cross-shaped, permanent adhesives for doing stuff like this, but the Slim model might be too wide for a collar. Also, the battery is single use.

The Pro model is more compact, has twice the Bluetooth range, and replaceable batteries. But no idea how you would attach it to the collar.


Thanks for the extra info. That sounds great if you’re in an area where there are other tile users.

Last time I got these from Woot they had a very short battery life, as if they were at the end of their shelf life.

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These appear to be the 2016 version of Slim, which was discontinued. The 2020 version is the size of a credit card, although thicker, and advertises a 3 year battery life. This one will give you about year, with a short bluetooth range. Still a very good deal, however, in spite of the limitations.


Considering the last picture they show is next to a 5 to 6 year old phone, I’d say that assumption is accurate.