Till's Rubs 3-Pack Box Sets (2)

Till’s Rubs 3-Cannister Box Set 2-Pack; 6 Total Cannisters
Sold by: Wine Country Connect, LLC
$39.99 $58.00 31% off List Price
(2) - Till’s Rub Box Set: 3 x 3.5oz Cannisters - Tame, Sassy, & Fierce

Wow! This is some expensive salt and sugar, first 3 ingredients in all 3 rubs.

Maybe it’s magical sugar and salt.

Okay, I haven’t had my caffeine yet this morning, and when I first saw the picture I misread “BOX SET” as “BOT SEX.”

It is only $30.47 per lb. Can you buy salt and sugar for cheaper than that? :wink:

Most (not all) rubs seem to have sugar of some sort as a primary ingredient, but, yeah, there are lots of great rubs out there for far less $$$$ than this. (Check out Penzeys, among others, for some solid spices and rubs.)

Sugar is an important element of BBQ rubs, but shouldn’t be used on grills, like burgers or steaks or chicken because it burns. If you’re smoking at 250 or less sugar (and brown sugar) caramelizes and is delicious. This is pretty pricey for spice rub though…

This is some of the most basic dry rub ingredients out there, and can be made for a fraction of the cost.

I don’t get how this stuff sells at all when it doesn’t even contain scarce ingredients. You could spend 45 for the ingredients and drop it in a ziploc bag.

Totally agree. I looked at the list of all the ingredients. I have every single one of these components in my spice rack. Only thing missing is the proportions which I could easily figure out.

It’s cheaper to buy from their site. What a rip.


Nope. You’re forgetting shipping as well.

Not sure why but seeing these made think back to the old woot! off days when people went crazy for the Todd’s Dirt seasonings, bacon salt etc.