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Got this when Woot! had it a couple of weeks ago. Absolutely loving it so far.

Only drawback is having the CableCards installed, because cable installers are completely befuddled by them. (Even though there’s an instruction sheet in the box.) Plus, I needed a tuning adapter (which the cable company didn’t bother to tell me about until AFTER the installer came by).

You’ll also need to pick up the wireless adapter ($59 at Best Buy) or hook it in to your wired Internet connection.

And… I just think it’s freakin’ cool that I can control the thing with my iPhone.

So I would lose on demand functionality like no hbo on demand etc. after installing a cablecard?
If so, I am pretty sure my wife would kill me!

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I can’t say I understand why anyone would want one of these nowadays. I love my old Direct TV Tivo but this one only supports unscrambled cable channels or over the air channels.

I bought an ATI capture card for $30 from woot that does the same thing. The Tivo software might be a little better, but windows media center is really good these days.

So, this is in fact NEW, correct? The only reason I ask is because Tivo.com is selling them refurb’d for the same price.

I’ll hit the green thumbs up button on this. Ding ding ding ding. Man, I love TiVo. Green thumbs up for woot, too! Ding ding ding.

I was on the fence about this last time and was disappointed when I came back later that day and saw it was sold out. Pulled the trigger this time! Hope I don’t regret it!

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If you want multiple TiVos in your house (so you can transfer shows between them), it might be a good idea to buy one here, and to pick up the smaller capacity TiVo HD from Blockbuster… they’re selling for $99 in stores.

Also, in the previous woot, somebody pointed out that the multi-subscriber discount was $6.95 a month for additional subs… I want to point out that unless your grandfathered, this is no longer true – discounted price is $9.95 a month (usually $12.95 a month)

Yes. These are NEW.

Define “unscrambled” cable channels.

This can tune any channel that a cable box can w/ the exception of on-demand and possibly pay per view… you just need a cable card from your cable company…

It doesn’t do Clear QAM w/o the cable card

From the previous Woot:

Thank you for the “quality +1 write-up, +2 vs boredom, save vs will or nostalgia”.

Sadly this product is “+0 vs MythTv”, and so I retreat.

I got one a few weeks ago from Woot. I love it! It’s far superior to the Time-Warner cable box I was using and its 1 TB hard drive leaves them in the dust. True: no On Demand or Direct TV, but I never found much there that I wanted to watch. (Obviously I don’t use Direct TV.) On the other side, Netflix, for $9 a month is right on the menu screen and gives me unlimited streams of movies I do want to see.

If you get all the cable channels you’ll need the tuning adapter which comes, at no additional cost from TW, with the M-Card ($2.50 a month.) (You’ll need one M-card for receiving digital channels. Without it you’re limited to channel 99.)

The remote is excellent as is the interface with the TiVo menus. It’s really well thought out and has everything you want in a convenient setup. It has built-in diagnostics to measure your cable signal strength. I discovered I needed an in-line coax amplifier (free from TW) to get my signal up to really good looking color levels I’d never seen with the TW box.

All the little plugs that are inactive on your cable box are alive on the TiVo. You can record saved programs and watch YouTube on TV or hook up an external hard drive if you want to move your video elsewhere. It has HDMI output.

You’ll need an internet connection to the TiVo and I’d recommend ethernet if you can get a cable and modem to the TiVo. The TiVo telephone service department is in a class by itself when it comes to giving good, pertinent help. They know what they are talking about.

I opted for the $399 lifetime service (lifetime of the unit) and hope that it and I live for the 30 months it’ll take to break even. Otherwise it is $13 a month. (BTW, if you sign up for the monthly plan you have to agree to a year: 12 x $13 = $156. The $399 isn’t that much of a leap beyond for lifetime.)

It’s so much better than the regular cable box I’ll never be tempted to go back.

You don’t “lose” anything by adding this. It’s true that you cannot access on-demand from a TiVo w/CableCard but there’s nothing stopping you from keeping the cable box (or trading the cableco DVR for a non-DVR cable box if it’s cheaper) and simply adding the TiVo+CableCard to your system as well. That’s assuming you have enough inputs on your TV or AV receiver for both (or you use it on another TV). There’s usually a small additional cable company fee for the CableCard but it may only be a couple bucks.

Edit: Also note, if you keep the original cable box and add the TiVo but on-demand suddenly stops working on the cable box that’s not normal and it means they screwed up, so make them fix it.

I once had a TiVo and now that I have a DVR through Directv, I would have to say that TiVo is much more user friendly. I love the products but TiVo just makes more sense to work with.