Today is National Roller Coaster Day!!!

8/16/2013 is National Roller Coaster day!

Name your favorite roller coaster!

I have a few.

Iron Rattler
New Texas Giant
El Toro
The Raven

Do you have a favorite?

My son and I visited Kings Island and Cedar Point this summer.

I loved the Firehawk at Kings Island. You’re laying down while riding it. Awesome feeling.

I really liked the new GateKeeper at Cedar Point.

But my new favorite is probably The Beast at Kings Island. One of the longest yet smoothest wooden roller coasters I’ve ridden.

I like the old wooden ones

Hate the ones that go backwards.

Don’t know the names .
Gotta convince hubby to go on the Cyclone and the Wonder Wheel the next time we go to Coney Island!
They almost washed away!

There was a roller coaster in the Rockaways that we use to drive down and go on.
Rockaway Playland. Never went other than for the coaster.

This is the new one for next year. You’ll have to come back.