Toshiba e405 Pocket PC with Windows Mobile 2003 Pro


Welcome to the Toshiba e405 topic for Thurssday, October 14th 2004. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments for the Toshiba e405 here.


Going to google some information in regards to the item and will edit my post so others can get quick information on todays woot

A remote control program for PDA’s that use thier IR port to control your TV/VCR and such… It has a trial period but costs 14.95$ to buy… may work with this…


[quote user=“Vexorg”]One other thing to note here: Toshiba provides a free update for these devices to Windows Mobile PPC03 Second Edition, which adds built-in screen rotation and some other nice features.[/quote][/b]

Look near the bottom of my post for information regarding a 1 gig SD cards…
174.98 or something on amazon for used one… woot is still cheaper…

here is an Epinion link
Lowest they got is 175 either way your going to shell out close to 200$ for this thing anywhere else.

Here is a ZDnet review from last year though… they gave it a 7.4

and PCmag gave it 3 out of 5… not to shabby…

So here is some info on a SanDisk 1GB SD card will sell you one for 83$
I get random computer items from them they are pretty cool plus thier shipping is .99$ or so…
I have never dealt with nor have I actually gotten any SD cards but here is what they offer.

another small note…
sometimes you can find a great deal on SD cards there … just scan through the list for SD card and you may find a better deal.


Toshiba e405 Pocket PC with Windows Mobile 2003 Pr
Add a 1GB Secure Digital card and you’re ready to go!
$149.99 $5.00 S&H

Best Price $175 refurbished


Big Jim should have stayed up for this….WOOT!


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[b][color=red:4f63504abb][size=29:4f63504abb]i’m #6 but do i care? no, bc i have a life =)[/size:4f63504abb]


btw… please find some more of the items that will go in like 10 mins instead of 10 hours…


nope, too poor








me tire un peo !!!


dont have money but that looks really nice!


uh, not for me!!!


is this good??


so so deal. not too terribly bad


Hmmm, can it replace my Palm V? mmmmmmmmmmmmm…




Good idea.


I’m a smartphone guy…but nice price!