TP-Link AC1900 Touch Screen Wi-Fi Gigabit Router

It’s 2 years old and doesn’t have good reviews from knowledgeable testers. TP-Link P5 AC1900 Wireless Router Review - Gadget Review

I don’t know if I’d call “gadgetreview” a knowledgeable tester. For the full $199 retail price, I’d agree, it’s not worth it. For 40$, it’s perfectly capable little AP. With 3 antenna it’s not going to be the fastest thing around. If you have gigabit fiber, this thing will be a limiting factor – almost all wifi will. But for most people, this thing will work just fine.

The refurbs of this router on Amazon have a 50% approval rate and 50% disapproval rate. The price is tempting. It appears to be a coin toss which one you will end up with

For $40 this could be a good buy. I was sent one of these by Newegg to review a couple of years ago. It works fine and does the job of extending my router coverage upstairs on one end of the house. The touchscreen helps on initial setup but is gimmicky because it’s easier to access remotely. These are usually a set it hide it/forget it type of device so I don’t quite get the application of the touchscreen. The only real downside or problem I have had is that once a month or so it needs to be rebooted. For no apparent reason devices can see the signal but won’t be able to connect. A quick power cycle and it’s fine again. Meh.

Will this work with Xfinity Gigbit?

Had this in use as a range extender for last couple of years. Works just fine. Also did a short stint as my primary router when the other died. Was an easy setup even without the instructions which were long gone at that point. Great deal at $40.

Will this hold up with Fios 1Gig/1Gig ?

I have Verizon Fios 1gb/1gb and I also have one of these routers I use on an isolated VLAN for my wireless switches, plugs…you know the cheap chinese ones that you don’t want to have direct access to your network. I usually pull around 300-400 Mb/Sec through this router.

I have my ONT going directly into my Linksys EA9500 AC5400 Router via Ethernet and even connected to that over wifi the most I ever pull is 400-500 Mb/sec unless I am really close to the router. Your millage will vary based on your housing build and layout but the wireless speeds seem to never get close to advertised and can’t touch CAT6E direct gigabit Ethernet.

I have had this TP-Link in active use for over a year and have never had to touch it once I got it setup, now mine was brand new when I bought it for 69.99 and I usually would never by a refurb router based on a long history with them but at this price it might be worth a role of the dice

After waiting for 9 days I found out it’s being refunded no explanation why not cool very upset

same here,
I too am upset

Hi there. So I asked around about this. It seems the vendor thought he could fulfill the orders from this one location and he couldn’t. We had to cancel a good number of orders. I’m very sorry. :frowning: