Tracker Bluetooth Tracking Device - 2pk

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Tracker Bluetooth Tracking Device - 2pk
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9/22/2014 - $28.99 - Click To See Discussion (51 comments)

I have seen these a few times now and still have no clue what they do but I want them!!

Look closer at the writing and you will see “Sticknfind” then go to Amazon and see if you are willing to pay $.01 for them. I hope not!!! This company keep adding new listings for them to run from their bad reputation.

  1. Range is very poor - at most 50ft. In most situations, about 10ft.
  2. They take 30s upwards to respond, combined with the short range, this makes finding them hard.
  3. The distance reading is a work of fiction.
  4. One tag received was dead.
  5. Another tag has fallen apart, losing the bulk of it somewhere.
  6. The batteries last only weeks.
  7. It drains the iPhone battery quickly.
  8. The app forgets pairing, so if you do lose something, you can’t find it.
  9. StickNFind themselves have said “The StickNFind product is still in the pre-release stages” - this isn’t mentioned anywhere.
  10. They have been dishonest about compatibility and timelines.
  11. They don’t respond to support queries at all.
  12. Temperature reading is off by 10degC in either direction.
  13. Another tag has died of it’s own accord in the last few weeks.
  14. Another tag needs squeezing to make good contact with the battery.

Go to their facebook page and check out the complaints.

Comments from July’s Sale

Seriously, this has been on a few different woots, part of woot-offs, on innumerable woot pluses - I know we keep buying them for some unknown reason, but at some point, does the buyer go ‘OMG, what have I done’ and put a fork in it?

I mean, when it was always toasters around here (and please, really, I NEED A TOASTER), at least they were DIFFERENT TOASTERS. Even when it was the breadbox toasters, they were DIFFERENT for most of the sales. Sure, you’d see it again in the woot-off, but then that model was GONE!

Someone, please, put us out of our misery and stop buying these damn things.

I bought these to stick on my phone which I am always losing, hmm should have thought about that a little more.

.01 is way too much. They could not pay me to take them after I bought 3 from woot a few months ago. THEY DON’T WORK AS ADVERTISED. You WILL be sorry!

OK then but other than that how did you like them ?

BOC fodder. Or worse.

Is this a good way to find missing grandparents at the casino?

And if you go and check the app reviews on Google Play and iTunes, this thing gets pretty consistently thrashed for sucking. Unfortunately, for consumers there seems to be new BT trackers coming out regularly. Tile, Pebblebee, SticknFind, PROTAG Elite, BlueTracker, XY Find-It, Bringrr, Find’Em Tracking, Linquet, Lupo, Chipolo, Gecko, Lapa, Findster (RF enabled)…just to name a few. And of course NONE of these share the same network, so you need to commit to the one ecosystem. Then you need to rely on the size of the active app users in the event your lost item goes missing outside of the BT range.

Nope, these will guarantee you’ll never see your grandparents ever again.

I got a set of these from woot a few weeks ago - a few weeks prior to that the 2 year old lost the one set of keys to the car requiring a tow to the dealership - They work for me really well. I used the Stick and Find app rather than the tracker app. The Stick and Find designation is still embossed on the devices.

I can latch onto the stickers from anywhere in my big rambling house; the radar feature tells me if I’m in the same room; and the page feature makes noise and lights so I can easily find the keys. The two trackers have stayed attached after a few weeks of use which included me taking the keys and not the phone and vice-versa. I use it with an HTC One (M7)

Overall I’ve been really happy with this product and would recommend it to someone.

Agree… This is a defective product and should be dumped in a desert hole (ET style). All Woot is doing is dumping this on it’s customers that don’t read posts. I can’t see how this is good customer service or builds loyalty.

These are almost useless! The range is 20 feet or less. The watch battery only lasts a few weeks. The app is a pain in the ass to download

I have a Motorola Razr Maxx HD. Does not work with my phone. Said I need a newer revision of Bluetooth

You need to have the correct phone for these to work with the lower powered Bluetooth. I bought my stick-n-find at a Brookstone store last week, on sale for $16 for the pair. I tested it on two devices I hold dear, my remote control and my laptop bag and it works. I have both an iPhone 5s and Galaxy S4

The way the radar app works is it tells you the distance you are away from the object (not direction), so you start walking and see if you are getting closer or further away. Some people have used other apps for this that may be more friendly the included app works fine.

On the bright side, at least this isn’t another Dyson vacuum! Oh wait, I didn’t realize the main Woot was a Dyson. Sorry, I got excited…

It tickles me that these get absolutely thrashed, and the quality post goes to the one guy who claims to have had a good experience. Bias much?