Trekology Portable Camping Side Tables

Trekology Portable Camping Side Tables

I got two of these last time they were on sale here (~2 months ago?) and really like them. They are surprisingly light and fold up pretty small. I’d buy again except the two I already got are serving me well. Recommended.

I bought one of these over 25 years ago (probably not this brand but I don’t know) and made sure I put it away after camping and it finally gave out a couple of years back. These are great and sturdy as heck!

I got two the last time they were on sale. They’re well made and reasonably attractive; I use them inside when they’re not in use outside.

They supposedly hold up to 50 pounds, but I wouldn’t put that much on them. They look like little benches, so you probably want to have some objects on them if you have guests over. I had someone almost sit on one, but averted the disaster in the nick of time. He thought it was a seat.

They’re also quite light, so if it’s a windy day they might blow away. Plan accordingly.

This seems pretty cool, it would fit nicely in my small van RV. I like the way it rolls up to conserve space. But still kind of expensive at $35.

I bought two of these, large and medium sized.
They are really nice for what they are…super happy with purchase, for sure :slight_smile: