Trio 7.85" 16GB Tablet w/Free 4G Data

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Trio 7.85" 16GB Tablet w/Free 4G Data
Price: $39.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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Got one of these the last time. Screen is decently clear, the 4G works fine, but sadly mine is defective. Loses connection to the battery constantly, unless you squeeze it hard.

So, gotta send mine back for refund/replacement, but the day or two that it did work, it worked well, and I doubt you’ll share my hardware problem on your refurb. Mine did come with a T-Mobile SIM card, but if yours doesn’t, you can get them for a dollar.

So … you have to get a T-mobile sim card for the activation. Maybe $5 on fleaBay.

Then 200MB a month won’t handle a lot of streaming music. But it should be able to handle Waze and other Nav apps pretty well with that much data for use while driving.

I think I need to grab one to try that.

200mb?!? That’s a crazy, rediculous amount of data! I bet I won’t use all that with AOL Messenger. Sign me up!

Sarcasm is strong in this one.

Is the 200mb monthly or 1 time use?

Per month.

What exactly do you have to do to get a SIM card for this and get it to work?

Bought one last time, I like it. It came with a sim card, I had preordered one from T-Mobile because I thought it wouldn’t (1$). Screen is OK, not real bright, I installed Nova Launcher because it was recommended on a forum and it helps. Runs very fast, I was surprised! Solid build quality, good battery life. No GPS, even though it has a switch in the settings, and it’s stuck at android 4.2.2. Overall i’m very happy with it, I used it as phone for awhile when my phone was out of commission, using Google Hangouts to send text/calls, and check my email. Bought this case at Fry’s for $20 :

p.s. cameras are low quality, but usable. Has 2 bottom facing speakers. Compass doesn’t work either, but has gyro sensor.

It doesnt have GPS I dont think though…

Nice. How long do we think the lifetime-of-the-device deal will really work? I picked up another device on a similar T-Mobile package six years ago, only to see the manufacturer claim 2-3 years later that they had exceeded the anticipated lifetime of the device, and they killed the service.

Also, I’ll be going to Europe in a few weeks. Will the 200MB deal work on all T-Mobile networks and SIM cards, or only those in/from the US?

Oops. I forgot I’m writing for the US market. Is the device unlocked?

User Manual

The jury is out on that one. The manual mentions a setting to turn GPS on/off but it may simply be talking about the Android OS. The specs make no mention of GPS. Most reviews do mention GPS in their specs, but no one mentions GPS in the actual review. Someone on Amazon actually asked whether it has GPS and sadly, the replies are mixed. It’s hard to determine if those replying yes are merely quoting specs, or whether they’ve actually seen it at work.

GPS is one of the factors I’m using in deciding whether to buy this.

Boy, that manual is just slapped together, isn’t it? The screenshot on the front side of the tablet on p.6 is from a 2012 iPad,. There’s no consistency on the alignment of images in on the pages, and they’re badly cropped. The low-res shot showing the cord (which may also be from an iPad) looks like it was lifted from a used-item eBay auction.

I mean, with a tablet this affordable, they have to cut corners somewhere, and I’d rather those corners be cut in the manual than the device, but damn.

I bought one of these last time and can verify that the one I was sent does indeed have true GPS - here’s a screenshot

Several of the Amazon reviews mention that only 1GB of the 16gb is used for apps; rest is in an unusable partition. One reviewer: “BUT, beware, the system storage is only 1 and a half gb, NOT 16gb, which means you can only load a limited number of apps. Some apps are allowed to move to SD storage [32gb card limit], but some data always remains and builds up in the system storage. So, you are limited to only the most useful and frequent apps”

I’m looking at the Storage section of Settings on my Trio.
Total Space: 12.32GB
Available: 10.20GB

SD Card (32GB Sony card used)
Total Space: 28.96GB
Available: 28.96GB

Some devices have two partitions on their primary storage that can cause some problems once you start installing larger apps (looking at you Gen 1-2 Samsung), but the Trio Axs 4G is spared such a fate.

One neat thing here is that there is an option under storage to change the default write disk from internal to the SD card. It’s not quite disk spanning like in later versions of Android, though.

Would it be worth it for the data alone? Do you think it could handle becoming a wifi hotspot, just for travelling purposes?