TRON: Legacy 12” Ultimate Action Figure Set

First first?

wasn’t this on kids woot?

I know I saw these on kiddy woot. Getting a little desperate?

Hmm :stuck_out_tongue:

Saw this in the kids.woot earlier/the other day

Woah, flashback to the kids.woot wootoff, earlier today.

Deez was on awhile ago. Neat!

Oh good lord.

do not want.

C’mon, Woot! This was on Sellout earlier. Apparently it didn’t sell out.

kids.woot anyone?



I think there is a reason there are some of these left over… no one wants them :frowning:

Didn’t I see this on Kid’s Woot? Like…today?

They just can’t get rid of these things.

Hmm. Kids.woot 5 hours ago?

They just had this exact item on Kids.woot earlier today. I has a sad now.

leftovers from kid woot?

weren’t these $12.99 on kidswoot?