Tru-Spec 24-7 Men's Range Tactical Pant, 2 Colors

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Tru-Spec 24-7 Men’s Range Tactical Pant, 2 Colors
Price: $24.99
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Condition: New


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Are they a true fit in the waist?

They have a self adjusting, sliding waist. So they “adjust” for the seasons!.

The product on the page you linked to is not quite the same as what’s here on woot. Very similar though. Notice the front pocket is slightly different. And the smaller pocket on the outside of the cargo pocket isn’t on this woot item either.

Where does woot come up with these msrp comparisons? $95.95??
Even the Truspec website says $61.95 ( And Amazon says 61.95 retail (different style, same brand/series).
Seems woot “borrows” pictures/descriptions from manufacturer’s (or other online) sources, but makes up a (usually significantly) higher retail price.

And don’t forget the difference in the rear pocket flaps.

Is everything called "tactical " nowadays?? What qualifies??

Tactical? Feh!

Give me a good pair of strategical pants.

Buyer beware. Woot does not take back clothing or anything else for returns. I bought a few shirts awhile back in my size and with everyone of them the sleeves were about two inches to short. That is most likely why they were on Woot.

in for 2. If they suck, back to woot or put on ebay at this price. Last time I waited for additional information to be put out by woot they sold out in my size (not this brand).

So “Big Men” can’t be tactical? I’d like a pair of “56 Slims” if you please!


I can hit the local Bass Pro for a variety of different pants similar to these for the same money. Plus I get to see if they actually fit. woot that!

The problem is that “back to woot” is not an option!

That’s $50 blown. . .

I have bought three pairs of these from Woot before. I wear 34x34 and they were perfect fit.

These are great pants. I use the camo ones for outdoor work and camping and the navy and other colors as dress pants when I ride a motorcycle in to work. They look nice enough to wear with a sport coat.

Seriously these are pants 24/7?

What I really look for in pants are 18/7 … the other 6 hours a day I prefer a really hot blonde not wearing tactical pants, but if these pants are incapable of transforming into a blond for a few hours a day why the heck would I bother?

For what it’s worth, based on Amazon reviews Tru-Spec pants seem to run pretty true to size. People who voted other than that tended to say that they ran slightly larger.

Why doesn’t anyone make pants for people with long legs? You can’t give me two more inches in length (that’s what she said!)??

I have purchased a set of these before in 32X32 and they fit awesome. Most people that see them on me like them. They seem durable and for $24.99 I feel they are a good buy.