TRX® Suspension Trainer + Door Anchor

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TRX? Suspension Trainer + Door Anchor
Price: $99.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Thursday, Aug 24 to Friday, Aug 25) + transit
Condition: New


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Is this the Harry Reid Edition?
I’d love to lose an eye using this, or maybe just use it as an excuse…

It’s the Hankerciser 200.

Ive had this for 6 years. It is a great workout.

Note of caution: you need a large piece of clear floor space to do all the exercises. I had a large house, and still couldn’t find a spot appropriate for TRX sessions.

Finally I got a house with a basement, and it is perfect for TRX.

Some health clubs teach TRX. I started at the YMCA. Having instruction was a great jumpstart.

Sounds like a $95.00 profit!

Lifeline is just as good and it was on woot for $5, so you would be correct.

Yay! I just saw that episode.

Looks like a $100 rubber band



damn beat me to it!

For me…definitely an emergency room visit waiting to happen,at least with a treadmill you have some were to hang your washing.

I have this in my basement. Excellent tool for strength training for all fitness abilities and types. Will actually get a second for work travel. This brand is well made; and has been very durable. Many knock offs are not and the slide mechanism fails with heavy load bearing.

These are not elastic, don’t rebound, and should not cause eye injury unless somebody throws them there. You piss somebody off enough to throw weight training equipment in your face, that’s a whole new degree of awesomeness. I salute all those who accomplish that worthy goal.

Thanks for the autoplay video, Woot! My wife needed to wake up in 45 minutes anyway!
> : (

Where do you think they and others stole the idea from?

AUTOPLAY WITH SOUND! What are you thinking Woot? Is this now some shitty news site?

green g-strap pro 33.00 w ship on ebay… why spend $100 really $100 for some straps? Sure this is probably a little better but $60 better? I think not!

Wait, was that an ad? We aren’t supposed to have autoplay ads. Can you tell me who the advertiser was?

I was considering this purchase because I travel 3-4 nights a week and a lot of hotels either have their gyms closed from 9pm-6 am (I usually don’t check in into 10 pm and check out by 7 am), or have such few and unreliable equipment. But I wonder about the durability of hotel room doors to hang this on. I usually only stay at Hilton properties, so the construction is usually solid but can vary from hotel to hotel.

No it wasn’t an ad it was the video on the mainpage: