🍹 TT's Happy Hour!! Friday, Dec 17, 2021 5-7pm CT!


Done doing your Christmas shopping? Come join us for some fun and chatter in TT’s Happy Hour!

What’s TT’s Happy Hour? Eh, it’s just a bunch of us posting and chatting about something and nothing, breaking the forums, etc. BYOB :slight_smile:

:calendar: Date: Friday, December 17, 2021

:clock7: Time: 5pm - 7pm CT

:desktop_computer: Where: Here in this very thread

I’ll throw out coupons when I feel like but don’t ask for one or you won’t get one. :stuck_out_tongue:

:warning: Please note: I will create/post the info on the coupons in this thread after the HH is over. :smiley:

If you are Time Zone Challenged like me, here’s a handy dandy chart:

Zone Begin End
PT 3pm 5pm
MT 4pm 6pm
CT 5pm 7pm
ET 6pm 8pm

What Do We Do?
We talk. That’s it. You can ask questions. Talk about your day or your favorite TV show. What movie did you see recently? We break the forums with too much traffic. Lots of speed reading practice.

Here’s the Happy Hour from April 2021 to get an idea of what goes on.

Hope to see you there!!!


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  4. Tap/Click on the check box for “Scrolling behavior after post”.

No more flying to the end of the page only to return to where you were reading.

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In case anyone doesn’t understand time zones:



And yes, I’ll be missing this.



It’s fine.

I’ll just not spend my money on the 2 Warehouse items which currently interest me.

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Is it illegal for me to participate while riding in a car?


If you cut and paste while driving we may not see the end of it.
Otherwise have at it.


How are we supoosed to hh and pm at the same time!?

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Dual monitors? One computer and one phone? A laptop and a desktop?


You expect those of us with add to multitask!?


Sure, just hyperfixate on… wait, is that something shiny?

I’m really good at opening a bazillion browser tabs and then not doing anything with any of them.


I am VERY easily distracted… wait… what were we talking about?

Oh! look…
dogs squirrels GIF by KQEDScience


PM ends tomorrow morning at 9am


Ah… teach me to not read, huh? lol… I thought mongering was an all day event… hmmm… maybe I’d better monger a bit more…

Yep. Dave cut back on the length of the event, because we monger too much and his desk is running out of crap… So this limits the number of boxes to a more manageable number.


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We all know that one of the “winners” will be @Williamdavi anyways.


You’re not insinuating that the mongering is… GASP! rigged, are you!? :open_mouth: egads!

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I am not.