Tuno Seafood Alternative Sampler

Tuno Seafood Alternative Sampler


Yes, it is just for vegans seeking desperately to spend nearly twice what the real thing costs just to experience a shadow of what they really want while trying to feel good about themselves.

YMMD, but it’s highly unlikely.


To bad I don’t know how to open the can.

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What’s in it? They don’t say.

The ingredients are shown in the 2nd photo

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I’m interested in trying it, but don’t think I want to start off with 20 cans.


I’d snag it just to try it, but 5 of them are sriracha flavored, and I’ve come to understand that I HATE sriracha. There are so many better hot and sweet sauces out there.

Aren’t we over this hype, yet?

I was thinking about buying this as a nice treat for my felines. Then I saw, seafood alternative. Nope the cats would not touch this, I won’t either.

The sampler needs to be 5 cans at around 5 bucks where you can select what you want as the five cans. Either plain, srircha or the other flavors. That is a lot to try this out. I am thinking they are REALLY trying to get rid of a ton of this stuff for cost just to get the word out on it. Like I said, smaller sample or a cheaper price would peak my curiousity.

‘hype’? Speak for yourself, but Sriracha has been my hot sauce of choice for the better part of 15 years, and will remain so. I’m not knocking other sauces, as I have special soft spots for Cholula, Louisiana Hot, etc., but just because you got tired of it doesn’t make it any less of one of the top selling hot sauces since 1980, lol…

that said, I don’t think I’d touch this stuff, sriracha or not. yikes.


Um…I AM a vegetarian and I’m giving a hard NO on this one. Looking at the ingredient list I envision the texture and taste of this ‘gourmet delight’ to be wet cardboard heavily over-seasoned in an attempt to get the victim past the wet cardboard texture

This product doesn’t sound very appetizing but, considering what passes for ‘chunk light tuna’ these days, it probably isn’t any worse. I’m sick of opening a can of tuna and finding nothing but a soupy mess of ground up fish parts.

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Kosher = OK-D. Presumably, the “D” is for equipment, as there’s no allergy warning.

It took a bit of searching to find that!

Source: https://atlanticnaturalfoods.com/dima-portfolio/loma-linda-fishless-tuna/ - click on the link for nutrition facts.

Have to side with the pimp on this one. (Gee, I really don’t get a lot of chances to use that phrase.) Hype applies to something that’s a flash in the pan, popular because it’s popular. Sriracha is popular because it’s good. And have to say, I know plenty of people who don’t like hot sauces at all, but you might be the first I’ve ever heard say that hate sriracha specifically. I think it’s because of exactly the reason I love it: it’s got a lot of heat but not a strong flavor beyond that. Garlic (which makes everything better) and a bit of sweetness and that’s it. The problem with most other hot sauces is they hijack the flavor. Tabasco is great for anything you want to taste like vinegar. (Lot of the southern US style sauces same problem to lesser degree.) Easy to hate. But how do you “HATE” something with a subtle flavor? (Other than simply not liking spicy food?) But whatever.

The preceding rant applies strictly to the actual sauce. As for sriracha flavored products, actually not a huge fan. If “hype” applies to anything it might be them.

Thank you and good day.

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Yeah, srircha isn’t supposed to be a hot and sweet sauce. Since the name wasn’t protected by patent law, anyone can produce something called srircha. The original however, from Cali, is quite good.

I thought vegetarians still eat fish?

No. Just say no to fake fish. :dolphin::whale::fish:

My wife described it like eating cheap cat food and then broke down in tears. It’s a hard pass.


I was bewildered when all of a sudden this hot sauce I’d been using for years was suddenly a “thing”

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I don’t think so. When I was a kid,a product called “Tunies” was released. It was canned weenies made of tuna and tuna byproducts. They were Horrible. The smell hit you as soon as you opened the can. It reeked of a tuna fart.

Ok I’ll bite. How did you find out what this smells like?