Ty Caton Cabernet Sauvignon Two-Pack



Was hoping for TY!!! in for 2!


YES I called it!!!1:) :slight_smile:


I just got this from the last woot-off less than a week ago. I’m good.


Shut out in NH. Again. :sad:


Bought two during the last woot-off. Good stuff, but I think it may need to age a while to hit its peak.


Ohh wish I could but the 4 bottles I got in the last woot-off just shows up last Friday.


Isn’t this one drinking well now? Or is the CT drinking window accurate?


Damn I wanted to be the first sucker!



Had a bottle a week ago and it was delicious!



Description says:

“Here’s what you get for being in Ty’s corner when it was a lot less crowded than it is today: three bottles of Ty Caton 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon Sonoma Valley”

…but clearly it’s wrong, or do we really get 3 bottles for $55?

Photo etc would suggest otherwise.


Hold on to your credit cards - it is going to be an expensive ride … But think of all the fun you will have when it is done!


2 bottles as it says at the top or 3 bottles as shown in the description below?


Is this the same as the 2/25 Caton offering which I hit?


I’m guessing it would be cheaper for Ty to get a license to ship to the State of Kansas than it would be for me to fly out there with a group of my lady friends for a weekend of fun and wine buying. C’mon Ty Caton - get working on Kansas! My husband would thank you!


Woo-hoo! In for 3 on my Wootiversary, so free shipping to boot. Loves my Ty…thanks for making my week!


$25 a bottle, is this a good deal?


Yeah, this looks to be the exact same offer.


42.00 per on their site.


Link to the 2/25 woot off for this