Ultrasonic Animal & Pest Repeller

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Ultrasonic Animal & Pest Repeller
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$26.95 on the mothership with free shipping if you have Prime.

Good reviews tho.

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I don’t trust those reviews. Item has only been on Amazon since late December of 2017 yet reviews are boasting about how it has protected their gardens.

Check out FakeSpot.com or ReviewMeta.com. They give grades on Amazon reviews based on statistical factors and tend to be more reliable than Amazon from my experience, especially for recently added items. For what it’s worth, it looks like Fakespot doesn’t trust the reviews. I’m not attesting to how accurate the sites are, but they seem like useful tools to keep the mothership (and suppliers) in check.

Don’t you know, the winter is a great time to grow a garden! That’s when I grow all of my dirt, and this thing keeps the giraffes away.

I agree with FakeSpot !

Heavy duty materials? AKA Plastic?

I use a motion detector with an integral water sprinkler/sprayer…My pests are at least freshly laundered if nothing else…

I’ve attempted to use several similar products over the years. They don’t work. At all. This is a fake science IMHO.

Does it work for geese?

When I was at Summit Bechtel Reserve for a Boy Scout event, I noticed these metal silhouettes of dogs attached to metal poles. The silhouettes turned in the wind and were approximately life sized. The counselors said it was to keep the geese away, and I never once saw a goose on the ground the week I was there. Dogs, alive or appropriately animated, keep geese away.

At a minimum it makes a nice platform for the squirrels to sunbath on. If you place it near the bird feeder it can also help them get some extra height.

Note, the FTC sent a notice to the manufacturers of these devices warning them against making false claims. Now most of the packages state they “might” have “some” effect against "some " pest.

Look at it this way. You will likely be the only person in your neighborhood with a solar powered squirrel lounger.

My friend’s neighbor put one up and she didn’t know what it was. She assumed it was for her dog but it make him look up at it over the fence and bark and bark at it.

It might chase the fleas and ticks off the geese if you can get them to stand close to it.

I don’t think it will chase geese away though. Most birds cannot hear even as high a feq. as humans can.

It might annoy bats and maybe bat men/women though.

Will this work on moles? I really gotta get rid of those s.o.b’s!

Good luck with that. Over the last 40 years my husband’s tried just about everything. The only thing that actually works is standing near a hump and if the dirt’s moving, use a shovel and/or pitchfork to fling them out.

Does this work on teenagers?

On the correct item, it’s been on Amazon since 2016. There are 112 Verified Purchase reviews.

Reviews filtered by Verified Purchase

Amazon also takes into account whether reviews are from verified purchases when calculating the review average:

“Amazon calculates a product’s star ratings using a machine learned model instead of a raw data average. The machine learned model takes into account factors including: the age of a review, helpfulness votes by customers and whether the reviews are from verified purchases.”

My parents used to live in a town surrounded by heavy woods. They found one of those motion-sensing sprinklers to be pretty effective at keeping deer and other critters like wild turkeys and foxes away from their gardens.

Unfortunately, we also got pretty regular uninvited showers when we forgot to turn the hose off when working on the gardens!

If you buy one of these, please make sure it can’t reach the sidewalk! When I go out for a walk or jog, there is a house that has 2 of these types of devices that go off every time I go by (mind you, they are placed near the house). Annoying to say the least–an I’m not even thinking about eating their plants! =)