uNu iPhone 4/4S Battery Case



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uNu iPhone 4/4S Battery Case
$19.99 + $5 Standard OR $8 Two-Day OR $11 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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Woot off??? This is the same price I paid last month normal woot.


I got this a few woots ago b/c the battery life on my phone is tragic. It works great -I don’t return from work with 15% battery life anymore, it is usually fully charged still. The only downside is that the power cord is a bit short. Otherwise, it is fabulous.


That’s the way it goes some times.


Just bc its a wootoff doesn’t mean the price for the stuff goes down.



That’s what my dogs look like when I say the “B” word.

(I can’t even type it because they’ve memorized the keystrokes…)



Why am I watching a youtube recording of Bacon Cam?



I think I missed something. Why is this woot.off bacon themed?


Because it’s the BACON Woot Off!


The Last Call for Bacon Woot-Off:
August 21-22
Let’s be real, people: We’ve been asking too much of bacon. Is it not enough that it’s simply delicious? Must it also continue toiling as a smirky, semi-ironic 'net-culture totem? It’s time to give bacon a rest; to let it be bacon again. So we’re frying up Last Call for Bacon, a very special Woot-Off designed to retire this deliciously dated meme. Mixed with our usual offerings, you’ll find a selection of bacon-themed products scraped from the bottom of the bacon-boom frying pan.


The more important question is “Why not?”.

Oh, time to move again. Y’all are slow.


When is this product going to be wooted off again??? I need 2 .


We don’t announce (or really even know) when we will sell items again. Best thing is to keep checking back.