Updated Design Templates for Artists!

When I click the link to the photoshop template I get this:
This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.


Access Denied



. Got another link? Thanks!
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Found it! Sorry to bug you.

How did you get a solution? I’m still getting that result for both of the Adobe links

Go to the submission pages. The links there should work.




These download immediately when you click on the link, and the links were updated recently, are you still not able to download?


Yeah I downloaded them the last time, thanks. But we were that it was “lacking a shirt outline”. I solved already, no prob.

I am trying to download templates. when the PS file opens, the layer with the shirt is blank. all that can be seen are the colors, but no shirt mockup. and the AI file will not open at all. what can I do?

Are these new templates the cause of the peeling?



I would love to start submitting designs for the shirt derby’s but for some reason I always get this message… not sure what I’m doing wrong since the technical aspects are correct…? As far as I know haha😅

hello! It looks like your images might still be too large…you can upload your actual print file at 300dpi on the 15"x18" template, on your shirt mockup image and design thumbnail make sure you keep them to 72dpi, the system is pretty finicky and won’t accept anything thats 1mb over…so make sure they are under 40mb.


Thanks a bunch! I did end up figuring it out and yes my file was still just a bit too large even though I thought I double checked it twice :sweat_smile: I was uploading the wrong file. Thanks for you help though!