Urge-nt Bluetooth Speaker & Keyboard Sale

$49.99 on Amazon


Woah! Hold on there! I think we have a Woot first. A cellphone case that is NOT for the iPhone. I’m shocked…

I actually have an SGSIII, but I don’t have a need for that keyboard. Get some cool cases for SGSIII and I’ll probably buy one or two.

Does anyone know that quality of the Bluetooth speaker. Been looking to get a good one, but don’t want to pay ~$150.


The black Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard doesn’t look very black to me, would ordering a black one get me that grayish looking one pictured or would it actually be black?

I bought one of these a while ago under a different brand name, but looks exactly the same.

The keyboard is shiny and pitch black, and the phone case part is also black but more of a matte black. (There’s some reflection in the Woot images, so it looks more gray, but it’s all black.)

The whole thing is very light - almost too light, so that when slid open, the weight of the phone versus the keyboard makes it feel a little top-heavy. It adds about the same thickness as the phone, so it’s not terribly big to carry, but certainly not small either.

The keys don’t feel great, but they’re functional. They have a tactile response, but it’s not a gentle response like most of the built-in keyboards on the Droids or Blackberry. The placement of the Fn key to the right of the arrow keys is a mistake in my opinion. All of the keys are the same small square shape (except for the space and enter keys, which are double-size).

The phone can tilt up to 90 degrees, to sit perpendicular to the keyboard, so this can be used as a stand. But you can’t charge the keyboard and the phone at the same time with a single charger, so you’ll still have the charger directly in the phone most of the time.

Overall, the build quality is decent. I suspect the hinge would wear out after a while, but I didn’t have any trouble over the short time that I actually used it. In the end, I found that it wasn’t terribly useful, and not better than using the on-screen keyboard (especially with Swype), so I stopped using it and put it in the closet.

Thanks for your input! We currently have some things in the works for the GS3 that I URGE you to consider yuck yuck. Keep your eyes and ears open!

I second codemon. I can’t find any reviews for this anywhere.

fortunately jawbone isn’t as patent-snappy as apple.

otherwise whoever makes these little bluetooth speakers would get a pretty nasty surprise in their mail soon, i’d assume.

Gray is the new black. And if you look at the speakers, gray is also the new white.

That’s why I say,
Hey, hey, hey!
Let’s go gray,
Hooray, hooray!

Gimme a G!
Gimme an R!
Gimme an A or E!
(A or E!)
Gray is grayt!
It’s just fate!
Tell your date,
Gray is grayt!

Yay for gray!
(Whistle, whistle, stomp, cheer)

These Urge speakers have been featured on other sites, but I have given up finding a review anywhere. Is there anyone that has found a rating or has heard them?

For some strange reason, the manufacturer calls that black. We agree with you though and changed it.

Ugh, I hate to miss these speakers at this price. My children still use their Phillips ShoqBoxes we bought off Woot years ago.
Since there is not one word about these speakers on the web could a Woot employee chime in with a reference point regarding the sound and quality?
I understand that you can’t hail it if it’s a piece of junk, but you could at least give us an idea of the sound? Any bass response at all? Pairs easily?
Small speakers can often sound fantastic with surprising bass for their size. Others just produce sound.
I’d like to order 4, but don’t want to get stuck with 4 lousy speakers.
Sometimes this stuff shows up again later, maybe 1 now, 3 next time?

edit: wow, 5/19/2007 on the Shoqboxes and they’re still going strong! Everyone who sees them wants them so I don’t let the kids leave the house with them. These Urge speakers would be our “away” units.

Anyone? I saw an urge rep was in here, perhaps he can link to some online reviews?

Also, from their site:

MSRP $199.99. I know it looks like a jambox, but isn’t trying to emulate their price going a bit far.

Agree with everyone else - can we please get a review up in here?

Really like to try that wireless speaker but I can’t find a single product review, anywhere.

I suspect these will be back around again, I’ve ordered one and am thinking about 2 more.
Will post a review both here and at Amazon.
The nearly 4x difference between Woot’s list price and that listed on the official website is a huge red flag, almost got myself talked out of the other 2 as a Creative D80 is only $1 more on Amazon. Not portable or small, but at least I know it sounds OK. No deep bass or high-highs, but not awful. These are a total crap-shoot.

Looking at the photos, the speakers have a line out… it’s quite possible they can also be used as a bluetooth receiver to connect to bigger (non-bluetooth) amplified speakers or your real stereo.

I have a GoGroove BlueSync SRC that has the output for just that purpose. I consider it to be a bluetooth receiver that just happens to contain listenable if not awesome speakers. I imagine these URGE speakers are about the same.

Hmmm… That just might make it worth it.

Can anyone confirm?

Since I absolutely love the Toshiba Excite tablet I got here last month, I got to thinking it’d be even more fun to have a bluetooth keyboard to go with it, and voila! Here they are, at the usual and expected great price (thanks, Woot!). Got the silver one because I love shiny things…