UZI UZI-TACPEN5-BK Defender Pen - Black

UZI UZI-TACPEN5-BK Defender Pen - Black
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I bought 2 similar “defense pens” a short while ago - I believe I had been drinking before making the order… So after I had made the purchase I read up on them.

These pens can be used for personal defense - they are solidly built, and will make a good puncture wound when wielded properly. One reviewer kind of made fun of the idea of carrying them, though. His reasoning was: Carry a pen that can also be used for personal defense so that you can get them by TSA and other similar folks ; however, the pen is marketed as a defensive weapon, and LOOKS like a weapon…so do you think TSA will let you bring this weapon on a plane?

I sent one to a brother who lives in the country so that if he is walking his dog and a bear attacks he can defend himself.