Valley Forge All American Flag Kit

Nothing to say?

In for one… I got the Bronze :wink:

I bought this the last time it was up on woot. I bought the bronze pole. The flag and pole are very nice and seem sturdy. The bracket that holds the flag pole is plastic and, quite frankly, doesn’t feel like it will last through the many spring winds we get here in Colorado. I found a cast iron flag pole bracket on Amazon for $11 that is very heavy and not going to break no matter how strong the wind. The bronze color of the bracket and the pole are almost identical.

My only other quibble is that the finial is kind of cheap looking / feeling compared to the quality of the pole and flag.

Other than those minor issues, a very nice flag at a great price (the same Valley Forge flag is selling at Costco for about the same price, so Woot has this priced very well) and it’s made in the USA, which I liked a lot!

This will go great with my new copy of this.

Come on Tea Partyers. This should be sold out by now!

I feel like the price is a little too high for this…Really want one, but I dunno, anyone ever buy a similar flag pole for cheaper?

These are nice with that colored pole and nice round ball at the end, but if you don’t care about those and just want a Valley Forge 3x5 American flag with a pole and a little plastic bald eagle at the end, you can get them from BigLots for $10. Just saw them, last week. They had plenty.

Does the flag come in any other colours?

just received the one I bought on sell out woot, this this is excellent, I might buy another.

take it from me , this is worth the 25 bucks

Purchased one last time it was up. Not crazy about the plastic parts but a really nice set overall nonetheless.

Just saw the same thing at Costco for $29.99 plus tax but they only had the chrome in stock.

Hoping we get an Induction Cooktop during the Woot-Off…

I want to quote a song from a certain puppet movie made by the makers of south park, but I don’t want to get tattled on for breaking any rules

I’m a wimp

I recently got this flag here. It’s the nicest flag I have ever owned and it’s made in the USA!

I purchased one recently and I love it.

It’s bigger than you think and it’s very good quality. I made my dad buy one and hopefully it will be there by Monday for him.

I bought one on sellout Woot and got it yesterday. It’s a nice flag and mount. Well worth the money.

“If you’re going to hang a flag, at least buy one made in the USA.”

All I could think of when I read this was 'how bout the Woot shirts, hmm?

If you’re going to buy a shirt, at least buy one made in the USA!!

$3 less than the one at Ace Hardware Superstore. So you save a little.

I thought the Woot shirts were made by American Apparel. If they are, then they’re made in Los Angeles, CA.