Van Gogh 3PC Art Sets (4 Styles/2 Sizes)

**Item: **Van Gogh 3PC Art Sets (4 Styles/2 Sizes)
Price: $124.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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Standing in front of the art in that shirt would be too funny!!

Are the given dimensions referring to the entire set of 3 placed next to each other, or for each of the 3 frames? I’m guessing the former?

The blue in this is really nice. Perfect for my living room.

Your guess is correct! There’s also a note on the Features tab saying that the dimensions don’t include the space between the pieces. Hope that helps!

“Special Note ~ Measurements of the 3-piece art sets do not include spaces between panels. The manufacturer recommends hanging the panels 2” apart."

I bet these would look great next to a Fathead Tron.

Wow, van gogh for so cheap. Only on woot. These are worth millions. Buy and resell. Become a millionaire.

Decent price. I wish we knew who is producing these, and more about the quality. A similar size, sinhle canvas goes for around $175 here:

I also wish I had the money. This and Starry Night Over the Rhone are two of my all time favorite works. :frowning:

Please be warned that the ArtWall product is a photocopy of the actual art using a fairly low resolution method. So you are able to clearly see the pixalation on the canvas. I purchased a large sea scape Van Gogh on the March 31st sale and was not impressed with the quality.

It can only be assumed that you’re referring to Amazon, where at the time of this post the price was $180.

Woot 124.99 +shipping
Amazon 121.36 free shipping

Amazon reviewers were not happy with this art. Funny that Starry Night only rates 2 stars!

Yea, but you get the pleasure of receiving your faux-art in a really snazzy Woot Delivery Box, well worth the difference…

Well, you used to. I haven’t seen one in a while; assume they’re gone. They must be on back order, surely.

Can’t say Woot! has completely jumped the Amazon: Afterall, it’s not like they’ve yet to create a page for personal adornment or some such…

That’s for the red version of that size only and they only have a few left to sell. We are lower on all the rest.

Can anybody comment about the quality? The Amazon reviews are all about the size (which is listed explicitly, so I’m not sure what the fuss is about) and somebody who thought that red was purple.
Somebody above thought that you could see the pixilation. Can anybody verify?

Hey guys!

I’m from the company that produces these awesome sets, and I’ll be here to answer any questions!

As for the dimensions, the given figures or for the entire set, not each panel. So a 36x54 measures all three panels together, not just one panel.

As someone who actually watches these pieces hand-stretched and framed by our master framer and his crew, I can testify that yes, they are prints (hand-painted originals of van gogh tend involve a lot of zeros in the price). However, they are printed using the “giclee” method, meaning that our reproductions are extremely detailed, using the CMYK color profile. We’ve also just overhauled our quality control process, so you won’t be receiving any pixelated misprints!