VanTop Ninja 1 Trail Camera Night Vision

VanTop Ninja 1 Trail Camera Night Vision

Anyone have any experience with this? I use these on my job sites to keep an eye on theft and am always in the market for a decent trail cam.

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I’ve seen this on here before. I didn’t buy it at the time and it was sold out when I came back. My main concern at first was the added price of rechargeable batteries or an external battery source.

A couple packs of my beloved eneloop AAs runs about $35. Double that if you wanted to have a backup set on hand, plus you’d need a charger. Or you could go with an external battery pack or solar charger… I lost track of how much those cost.

Regardless, I find it peculiar that the previous Amazon listing, which still shows in the Google results, was deleted and Woot is showing results from a new listing with a whopping two reviews.

That all said, this video did have me pretty well sold on things. I linked to the timestamp when the game cam action started, but rewind if you want to see the unboxing.

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I have two of them from Woot. They both work great. I would say as good as my moultrie or other name brand cameras I have, at a fraction of the price. The only thing I don’t like about these is that they use a mirco SD card. Not that it a bad thing but I see myself dropping one at some point and it would be hard to find. If I need another camera I would get another one of these.

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any idea what the max length of video capture is on the micro SD? I would like to put it out near my cabin, but I don’t go there for 6 months at a time.

I have owned three of these cameras, not from this seller but all basically the same and all use the same App. My first camera worked great for about 6 months and then stopped taking photos at night. The seller replaced the camera and that one never worked properly. I contacted the seller and they said, as Amazon for a refund. I did and I did get a refund.

I ordered another camera, again basically the same. And it did not work at night. So I returned it.

These cameras recommend that you NO NOT use rechargeable batteries.

The other similar field cameras all cost about $100 so this is a great price.

But before you buy, check out the ratings on Amazon. Most do not have better than about 50-60% in the five star rating.

Yes. I have a similar camera, probably same model different name. I can confirm that I’ve lost a lot of microsd cards in the underbrush. The card is very hard to get out once it’s mounted on a tree due to the vertical nature of the slot.

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I had one just like this with a micro SD card. Had to use my thumbnail to seat it, and also to remove it — and yes, I kept dropping it. I returned it and searched until I found one of the few with a normal card.

Crappy design making things less usable for some false coolness or bragging point sucks. It’s like super-dark gray 5-point text on the side of a TV labeling the controls. F right off with that noise.

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What an awesome camera! Light weight and long range. The night vision is perfect and good quality videos. Great security camera captures license plates clearly. I bought two more!


Wow!!! What a shot

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Decent trail came for a very good price. This is significantly less expensive than similar from other manufacturers and has a the basic features needed for my needs at least. Functions well with clear pictures. The only downside is the use of micro SD cards which I have dropped and lost a few times.

Overall great gamecam for the price.

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Good trail camera. price is good too.
I like the fact that it uses a micro SD card, which eliminates the need for an adapter.
High quality videos