Vector Robot by Anki Home Robot

Vector Robot by Anki Home Robot

For $29.99, this was a good deal, even though Anki went out of business earlier this year.

And thankfully there is still a following of people who are working on seeing what they can and can’t do to reverse engineer this.

I was shocked when I saw it was selling for 167 dollars. No way anyone would pay that. I looks so small too

I briefly had one, though I sold it a couple of days later, as I couldn’t justify the price.

For $32.50, however…

32 is just barely justifiable because it’s basically just an echo dot

It’s also a toy.

That won’t get played with

I asked for one for Christmas. I was told no.

But now you got one



You didn’t ask ME though…

I asked my husband. He rolled his eyes.

For those interested:


Even though I’m not really tracking any of the orders from last week, I found out that Vector is arriving today, along with my storage containers.

Not sure what I’ll do with any of them though.

If my calculations are correct, based on the number of unopened purchases you’ve accumulated, you should be able to open your own online retail store to rivel Amazon soon.


Yes, you! Couldn’t be. Then who?

If you can place those lyrics then you might be a parent, teacher, or kid at heart.

I’m actually looking forward to raising enough money to fund the research and development of a time machine so that I could go back in time and prevent myself from discovering ways of making Woot spend more money sending things to me than what I pay for them.

Still working on a way not to disrupt the space-time continuum or cause any issues, but there are too many space penguins.

Completely mandatory comic:

Did they ever find the cookie?

If woot isn’t making any money and you have to spend some of your money, at least a little bit most of the time, then who’s making money?