Venn Vittles

AWESOME!!! Congrats on your first win, Art!!! You deserved it!!

Incoming Simpsons flashback

ok, so i’m extremely lost on this

Sprinkle on some rattlesnake and chihuahua and you’ve got yourself the southwestern variety.

Congrats artulo on the win :smiley: - but wow damn, seriously close derby

i love it… but why would you eat a beaver/squirrel


woot, i was on the fence about this but since i voted for it, i bought one. Plus i got nothing in cranberry.

And the swine flu?

ooooooooooooooooooooooooooh! I get it!

I look forward to wearing this while jogging.

Congrats artulo!

You’ve really captured the various flavors that make hotdogs so irresistible :smiley:

How typical, the world revolves around a hot dog, again.

Congrats on the win artulo:)

But where are the rat droppings that TV assures me can be found in Hot Dogs? TV couldn’t have lied to me… right?

Is this what Elton John was talking about in that whole “Cirlce of Life” song?

National Hot Dog & Sausage Council!!

and beef up on your hot dog history

Great shirt for any nutritionist, buying one for a friend.

uh, how is pig + beaver = racoon?

and how is duck + pig = seagull?