Vibe Sound 3 Speed USB Turntable

What type of needles does this turntable take?
Where can you find extra needles? A turntable is no good without extra needles!

Vibe Sound 3 Speed USB Turntable
$29.99 + $5 shipping

Condition: New
Product: 1 Vibe VS-2001-USBT USB Turntable


This thing is a piece of carp

Now I can listen to my oldies but goodies after being 7 feet tall

With this you can listen to your “Dark Side of The Moon” LP while eating your home grown brownies…

Patsy Cline party at my house!

Slow comments this time…

Maybe everyone was a little TOO motivated by the last woot!

This was one of the things that popped up right after the April Fools Crap sold out

i smell a woot-killer!

Mac compatible?

Do you need external Speakers?

I always briefly consider these when I see them, then have to convince myself that a lack of records is a sufficient reason not to purchase them.

would anyone use this with some very old records? I have an old turntable/radio I bought at auction, and want to rip those albums from the 20’s and 30’s.

didnt someone ask for and 8 track player on the last blog? well, this is close.

Ceramic cartridges are hard on the vinyl. Using this turntable will not be nice to your treasured records.

Analog digital, oh how the wine talks, or rather salami since they don’t have wine atm.

In for one. Need a cheapo record player that I can output to the compy.

Does this have a built in pre-amp. I tried plugging in a different model and no pre-amp… no sound. Pre amps are pricey too.