Vizio 32” Ultra Slim 1080p 120Hz HDTV

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Vizio 32” Ultra Slim 1080p 120Hz HDTV [Refurbished] - $399.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Vizio SV320XVT 32” Ultra Slim 1080p 120Hz HDTV with SRS

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This is 120hz refresh rate. The standard refresh rate on LCD TVs right now is 60hz. This means that quick animations and action-packed scenes will appear much smoother and less blurry than they would on a 60hz TV. I recently bought a 120hz TV, and it takes some getting used to, it makes everything look much, much more real (you can EASILY tell the difference, trust me). But once you get used to it, there’s no going back. It’s great. I especially recommend it for sports.

Looks like really great reviews on amazon:

in for one.

From the looks of the back connections, the HDMI inputs can also accept a composite stereo audio input simultaneously. This is very helpful when you hook a HDMI cable up to your laptop’s DVI connector because (at least on my computer) the DVI doesn’t output audio, so I need a separate cable for HDMI. My current TV doesn’t do this, so I have to hook my computer to the AV receiver, and the HDMI to my TV, making for an inconvenient setup.

Just thought that I would point out that this TV makes this easy.

Prove it…

i love my visio but i am weary on referbs. can anyone weigh in on a referb they have had for a while?

It is really ironic that Woot is selling these today. I just had to RTV (Return To Vendor) a display unit of this exact model yesterday as it completely died. It had been on approximately 10 hours a day for less than a month. I have generally been very happy with the overall quality of VIZIO products however, this particular model leaves some to be desired. If you are the type of person who regularly uses the buttons on the TV itself, you will find this model to be very frustrating as it has one (1) multifunction button on its lower right side that is terrible to use. It is a circular wheel that spins and can be depressed to make selections. If you want to change the volume, for example, you must press the button, spin the wheel to select volume from the list, press the button again to select volume, and then finally spin the wheel to either increase or decrease the volume. These are extra steps that prove to be nothing but annoying. Use the remote whenever possible (It works well). Other than that, this set does have a nice picture, and the USB port on the lower left side will allow you to use the set as a big picture frame and/or an MP3 player. Also, VIZIO sets tend to work beautifully as computer monitors as most seem to have 1 to 1 pixel mapping so that you do not get distorted and/or fuzzy images. 1920 x 1080 resolution from the computer actually matches that of the display without having over/under scan issues (picture too big or small for screen). The price is right for this set as well. It is at least $100 more (new) at any other retailer.

The non-slim model is 3.5", does 2.2" really make that much of a difference? They look to be about $100 more on average for the slim vs. regular…

anyone know if you can play video off a thumb drive in the USB port. My dvd player can do that and it’s great.

You can get the Square Trade warranty. 1-2 years and you can usually find a code for 30% off.

I’m in for one. This comes at an interesting time as I just purchased another 24" LED TV but I am a little dissapointed with that ones quality and want to sell my sound bar that it uses (the speakers on it are terrible).

This set looks like a good deal to me, I like the thin sets. I’ll probably end up getting a square trade warranty for it as well just incase.

I own this tv, AMAZING! I couldn’t find a 32in with these specs (1080, 120hz) by Vizio in anything but the XVT.

I originally paid a hundred less for the 3.5", 60hz model, WORLDS DIFFERENT. I was pissed b/c a friend of mine had the 52in XVT n i figured mine would be just like his and the 60hz wasn’t even close. Now, everything from tv to regular DVD’s POP out…it rocks. ESPECIALLY BLUE RAY!

i think this will be a nice upgrade from my 27" magnavox tube, first woot! can’t wait to play some xbox 360 on it!

i bought this bish!! i’ve been hunting the exact model for awhile… i was just at sam’s club today as a matter of fact and almost pulled the trigger on the floor model they had for 413, which would have been about 450 after taxes… no returns, no warranty… at least this one you get a 90 day… glad i waited

How would this be as a computer monitor? I’m worried because I’d like at least 1920 x 1200 for something this size. Any experience/advice?


Only if it’s far away from you. Or you’re blind.
You would want higher resolution for a screen this size on a computer. IMO.

For example, this 2560x1600 30" monitor

I wonder what kind of TLC that $5 dollars worth of shipping will get ya?

I got a kick out of the quality post typo…(12:06 AM, today) Waj likes the reviews at Anazon.

Just sayin…

I did buy a refurb from another website for our basement television and it has worked great for the last two years. Keep in mind we don’t watch as much as the tv in our living room.