Vizio 42” LCD HDTV


how long do you figure???

should be called tv.woot >_>


Is vizio a sub of a company?

Did they go out of buissnes>>?

And notthat great of a deal, imo.

On what exactly?

i bet its all tvs and theres a small chance for a bag of crap at the end. who knows.

i wanna see 120 hz

Yay! More televisions!

Honestly? Did everyone seem to miss the fact that its ALL TELEVISIONS tonight?!?!

According to wikipedia, privately owned with some weird relation to a Taiwanese company.

Think they hav a Lobster of Love instead of a Blessing of Carrots?

come on i can only get away with spending like 300 for my mom to not kill me

Looks like they have a lot of these. Dang, I want the 32’s!!!

YAY… my first woot!

Anybody have an experience with this one? I am in the market for a flat-screen LCD, and this is absolutely driving me nuts! Cognitive dissonance here I come…

Wow, why is this one cheaper than the last?

Congrats!!! xpensive one tho

lol I meant on how fast it sells out to see another TV I can’t afford.