VIZIO SB3651-E6 36" 5.1 SmartCast Sound Bar System

VIZIO SB3651-E6 36" 5.1 SmartCast Sound Bar System

Had an interesting experience with one of these tonight. I’ve had it for a month (bought refurb’d from the mothership “Amazon Renewed”). Tonight, while my wife was quietly breastfeeding our 5 month old and the volume was on 1, this thing decided that the ARC was going to fritz out and immediately started playing an ultraloud buzzing at max volume. Power button didn’t work, unplugging HDMI cables didn’t work, just yanking out the power cord worked.

Will be sending it back as it’s the second time it happened (I’m guessing it’s some poorly implemented ARC channel).

Other than that the audio is stellar for the price. But good lord did that traumatize the baby!

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While the ‘Tech Specs’ mention “Remote: Yes, with LCD Display”, a remote is not listed under ‘In the box’. Is a remote included, and if so, which model of remote is included?

I have an older model of this Vizio 5.1 which I purchased ~5 years ago. It had it’s problems but the audio quality was great for the price. It had started randomly stopped playing sound, which required us to turn it off and on again to get audio back. Got a little annoying but with being able to pause the TV, it wasn’t the worst thing in the world. This item came up for sale on woot and purchased it the last time it was for sale.

Both the rear speakers were blown and wound up returning it to Woot. No money lost, just some time/annoyance (Sadness?). Another user had a blown subwoofer, they contact Vizio who sent them a brand new unit.

Not saying not to buy these as referbs, just providing some information if you’re on the fence. As well, if you do buy and it has problems, apparently call Vizio first and maybe you’ll get lucky and they’ll send you a new one.

We went to Costco who has them for $150 brand new (or at least has had them for sale for $150 for the last month or so)

Got one of these last time it was listed. It worked for a couple days and the sub died. I contacted Vizio and they sent out a replacement in a few days.

I’m very happy with it overall - sounds great!

My subwoofer came DOA… was just about to send whole unit back to w00t. Where on vizio did you contact?

Bought this last time. It’s updated to the latest firmware, as is the Vizio TV that it it connected to.

Makes a quiet “pop” sound and shuts off randomly. And no, it’s not “ECO MODE”, which I have turned off.

The app doesn’t really work either. I go through the setup process – all successful. Then the app can’t find the device. “Want to go through setup again?” Not after the fourth time, no.

I think these are my last Vizio products. I guess Best Buy, or whoever has run out of resources to support this brand. Read all about it on Reddit. I am not alone.

Damned shame. Sounds good when it’s turned on!

I have one of these too, and it’s absolutely inadequate in a large room, way too wimpy. It’s probably OK in a small TV room, but not in a good size family room.
I really like the wireless sub that you can put in the back and hook up the two rear satellite speakers to, it makes it easy to hide the wires. But this system’s main problem is the poor quality speakers and weak amps used – then again, not a big surprise considering the price.
Overall, it might be a good option if your TV’s built-in speakers are really crappy, you’re in a very small room and you really want surround. Otherwise, you’d get much better results using your old stereo amp and speakers. Soundbars stink.

Yes, it comes with the remote pictures in the photos.

I sent mine back last week. I had the same buzz a couple of times as well as volume fluctuations. It just didn’t work well with ARC/CEC. Ended up getting a simple soundbar using the optical connector.

I saw this, liked the look of it, and happened to score an even better deal on the same setup in an open box from Best Buy at lunchtime today. Hooked it up and have been using it all evening.

It’s a terrific little home theater system. No pairing issues or wonkiness for me so far. Everything worked perfectly the moment I turned it on. The center channel was a little tinny with the default settings, but after some tweaking of the levels it sounds pretty good. The room is 24’x17’ (city apt) and it fills the space quite well. I could see it being insufficient in a cavernous suburban living room though.

I just went right to the support section of Vizio’s website. Easy-peazy!

I bought this bar and straight out of the box the subwoofer was making huge noises the second anything started playing. The soundbar itself is good but the subwoofer and rear satellite speakers are broken. Vizio is sending out a whole system replacement. Let’s hope that doesn’t come broken as well. The annoying thing is they won’t send a new system they are only sending another re-certified system from the same warehouse so I don’t feel too confident about this.