VoP for BoC

Question: I understand that Android App still seems to keep you into the Vestible of Pestilence without booting you out – which I wish ya’ll would fix since it seems to be a problem forever.

However, in that very very very slim chance that we would get out of it if someone’s payment didn’t go through, BUT;

HOW are we Android users absolutely sure that we might have gotten it, if we dont stay in there for over 5mins?

(Note: I have been graced with a BoC in the past, so I thank you for that; however, I just want some ETA on when us Android users will automatically get booted from VoP when are “chances” are gone.)

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Hi there. If you get it, you’ll get an email confirmation and/or you can see the order in your order history.

And it’s not just android, the iPhone app is a jerk as well.